Academic librarians

Springer is your trusted source for the critical content students need, delivering unmatched breadth and depth of quality information in the largest collection of Science, Technical, Medicine, Humanities and Social Sciences research material available.

With Springer’s Content Solutions, libraries of all sizes and budgets can purchase and deliver Springer products tailored for their patrons’ specific needs.

Libraries can select from a range of materials to suit their requirements including eBooks, Journals and Archives Collections, Protocols, and Materials Science Data.

Springer content solutions feature:

  • More than 2,800 Journals, 169,000 eBooks, 34,000 Protocols, plus Archives and Materials Science Data
  • A range of knowledge from basic subject information to exhaustive treatises for advanced research
  • Cost-effective models - lower acquisition costs and no physical space requirements
  • Content is available instantaneously at any time and place for patrons - on a PC, eReader or other mobile device

Government Librarians

With Springer Content Solutions for Government institutions, you will enable your organization to spark new innovation, stay abreast of important industry activities and raise return on research and development investments.

Drawing from Springer’s vast database of eBooks, Journals, and Protocols - Springer Content Solutions can help your governmental department, research institute or organization:
• Maintain a competitive edge
• Enable innovation
• Increase efficiency and effectiveness

Researchers and public officials are under pressure.

Recruitment freezes and efficiency programs have left many professionals in the public sector with larger job roles and fewer resources to work with. Springer Content Solutions for Government delivers the relevant information that your colleagues need, enabling them to work more efficiently, saving time and money. Springer content can be accessed for day-to-day research as well as for responses to critical situations, empowering employees to respond with confidence. Springer Content Solutions for Government gives you access to an expanding collection of peer-reviewed research with relevance to a wide range of government activities.

Your access to an expanding collection of peer-reviewed research.

Drawing on both Springer eBooks, with over 169,000 titles available and more than 8,800 new eBooks and eReferences published every year, and Springer journals with over 2,800 titles, Springer Content Solutions for Government gives your end-users fast, simple access to information they need.

Increase return on investment.

With customized and relevant sources, through Springer Content Solutions for Government, researchers spend less time combing through sources and more time accessing and using it. This saves in direct purchase costs, leads to incremental departmental efficiency and effectiveness, and ultimately assists in meeting short and long term objectives… all leading to significant ROI.

Springer Content Solutions is available for:

- Defense and Aerospace
- Security & Intelligence
- Energy
- Environment
- Transportation
- Food and Agriculture
- Information Technology (IT)

In addition to the above, Springer can customize a solution based on your specific research requirements, even if you manage interdisciplinary resources for multiple agencies and corporate entities.