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Health Economics

This course will provide the student with an understanding of the economics of the pharmaceutical industry. The development of efficacious, safe, high-quality, reliable drugs that meet a medical need must be the primary philosophy of regulatory science but it cannot be done without reference to Health Economics. The course will review the importance and impact of healthcare in the economic activity, the functioning of the healthcare market and the health insurance market, the functioning of the pharmaceutical sector, the importance of innovation and the problems of incentives in the supply and demand of healthcare and pharmaceutical products.

At the end of the course, students will be able to:

- Evaluate the commercial and pharmaco-economic issues pertaining to drug development

- Explain the principles of health economics and discuss their application in the development of medicines

- Evaluate the principles of economics and the methodology behind the statistical and/or data analysis tools used for health economics

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• Introduction to Health Economics

• Economics of the Pharmaceutical Industry

• Microeconomic and Statistical Tools for Health Economics I

• Microeconomic and Statistical Tools for Health Economics II

• Health Economics Evaluation Studies

• Economic Evaluation of Clinical Development

• The Health Production Function and the Role of Innovation

• Efficiency, Equity and Need

• The Demand for Health and Medical Care

• The Supply of Health Services

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Self-guided learning

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4 weeks | 30 hours of tutor guided learning activities | Certificate of completion by Healthcare Learning




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