Heavy Metals in Soils

Herausgeber: Alloway, B.J. (Ed.)

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Heavy metals in soils continue to receive increasing attention due to the greater understanding of their toxicological importance in ecosystems, agriculture and human health, the growing scientific and public awareness of environmental issues and the development of even more sensitive analytical techniques to measure their concentrations accurately. Building on the success and acclaim of the first edition, this book has been thoroughly revised and updated and continues to provide a balanced and comprehensive review of the subject in two sections: the first providing an introduction to the metals' chemistry, sources and methods used for their analysis; and the second containing chapters dealing with individual elements in detail. This volume is for soil scientists, research chemists, geochemists, agronomists, environmental scientists and professionals who deal with contaminated land. BJ. A. Contributors Professor B. J. Alloway Department of Soil Science, The University of Reading, Whiteknights, PO Box 233, Reading, Berks RG62DW, UK Professor D. E. Baker Land Management Decisions Inc. , 3048 Research Drive, State College, Pennsylvania 16801, USA Professor B. E. Davies Department of Environmental Science, University of Bradford, Richmond Road, Bradford BD7 lDP, UK Dr. R. Edwards School of Biological and Earth Sciences, Liverpool John Moores University, Byrom Street, Liverpool L3 3AF, UK Dr. K. c. Jones Institute of Environmental and Biological Sciences, University of Lancaster, Bailrigg, Lancaster LA 1 4YQ, UK Professor L. Kiekens Industriele Hogeschool van het Gemeenschap­ sonderwijs, C. T. L. 9000 Gent, Voskenslaan 270, Belgium Professor N. W.

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This timely book sets out to be a balanced and comprehensive review and it achieves this purpose admirably. As with all worthwhile technical reviews it is a joint effort, in this case by 10 contributors who write well and authoritatively on their chosen subject ... This volume is recommended to students and scientists of all disciplines and attainments, whose primary interests are in the soil or the environment, both for its technical merit and as a source of reference. - Chemistry in Britain; It is an excellent book and can be highly recommended even to those who already own the first edition but want up-to-date information for all the heavy metals at their fingertips. - Analyst; This is an excellent modern text, which covers the origins, occurence and behaviour of metals and metalloids in soils. - Waste Management Today; It will no doubt become a standard source of reference for agricultural and environmental scientists. - Soil Use and Management; It is...pleasing to see the arrival of a fully revised, updated and expanded second edition...It will, without doubt, continue to be recognised as a standard source of reference for information on the behaviour and impacts of heavy metals in soil systems. - Environmental Pollution; This book is a very worthwhile contribution to the store of knowledge and understanding of the behaviour and impacts of heavy metals in soil. - The Environmentalist

Dieses Buch kaufen

Softcover 69,54 €
Preis für Deutschland (Brutto)

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Heavy Metals in Soils
  • B.J. Alloway
Springer Netherlands
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