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Introduction to Space Syntax in Urban Studies

Autoren: van Nes, Akkelies, Yamu, Claudia

  • Acts as the first book explaining how Space Syntax is built up, works, and can be used for newcomers
  • Serves useful as supporting teaching material for master courses
  • Provides important contribution to spatial analysis literature on the built environment
  • Offers a basic introduction for scientific grounded methods in analyzing urban space linked to elementary theory of science
  • Is an open access book
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Über dieses Lehrbuch

This open access textbook is a comprehensive introduction to space syntax method and theory for graduate students and researchers. It provides a step-by-step approach for its application in urban planning and design. This textbook aims to increase the accessibility of the space syntax method for the first time to all graduate students and researchers who are dealing with the built environment, such as those in the field of architecture, urban design and planning, urban sociology, urban geography, archaeology, road engineering, and environmental psychology. Taking a didactical approach, the authors have structured each chapter to explain key concepts and show practical examples followed by underlying theory and provided exercises to facilitate learning in each chapter. The textbook gradually eases the reader into the fundamental concepts and leads them towards complex theories and applications. In summary, the general competencies gain after reading this book are:

– to understand, explain, and discuss space syntax as a method and theory;

– be capable of undertaking various space syntax analyses such as axial analysis, segment analysis, point depth      analysis, or visibility analysis;

– be able to apply space syntax for urban research and design practice;

– be able to interpret and evaluate space syntax analysis results and embed these in a wider context;

– be capable of producing new original work using space syntax.

This holistic textbook functions as compulsory literature for spatial analysis courses where space syntax is part of the methods taught. Likewise, this space syntax book is useful for graduate students and researchers who want to do self-study. Furthermore, the book provides readers with the fundamental knowledge to understand and critically reflect on existing literature using space syntax.   

Über die Autor*innen

Prof. Dr. Scient. Akkelies van Nes is a space syntax expert with 20 years of experience and is a highly recognised scholar in the field of space syntax. She is a leading expert on urban morphology studies in relation to transport planning, criminology, and archaeology using space syntax. Van Nes is regularly invited to run space syntax workshops worldwide and every International Space Syntax Symposium since 2007. She is frequently invited to give keynote presentations at international conferences.

Prof. Dr. techn. Dr. Claudia Yamu is a space syntax expert with over 15 years of experience and founding director of the Centre for Advanced Studies in Urban Science and Design (CASUS) in the Netherlands. She is the leading expert on fractal models and transport land use planning combining space syntax with a wide range of other analytical techniques at the forefront of virtual modelling and digital twins. As a former project consultant for Space Syntax Ltd. London, she excels in combining the theoretical innovations with practice-oriented solutions and has been involved in numerous international space syntax projects. She is invited regularly to lead space syntax workshops focusing on its application in research and practice.   

Dieses Buch kaufen

  • ISBN 978-3-030-59140-3
  • Das eBook ist online noch nicht verfügbar.
Hardcover 53,49 €
Preis für Deutschland (Brutto)

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