Management for Professionals

Patent Management

Protecting Intellectual Property and Innovation

Autoren: Gassmann, Oliver, Bader, Martin A., Thompson, Mark James

  • Provides valuable managerial insights into patent management from a practical perspective
  • Analyses the most important current industry sectors and new technologies across the world
  • Written by established authors with an outstanding experience in management and academia
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Über dieses Buch

This book provides an overview of the common concepts and building blocks of patent management. It addresses executives in the areas of innovation, R & D, patent and intellectual property management as well as academics and students.The authors give valuable information on the characteristics of patent and intellectual property management, based on the collaboration with companies and organizations from Europe, China, Japan, Argentina, Brazil, India, Canada and the US.
A reference for managers who want to bring information technology innovation with a clear intellectual property strategy to the market. A very readable book. 

Thomas Landolt, Managing Director, IBM

A really comprehensive, all-in book about Patents – strategy, value, management and commercialization. And not forgetting what they are for – foster innovation.

Dr. Joerg Thomaier, Head of IP Bayer Group

Über die Autor*innen

Oliver Gassmann is Professor of Technology and Innovation Management at the University of St. Gallen (HSG) and also Chairman of the Board of the Institute of Technology Management there. He is a keynote speaker for several Executive MBA programs aside from being the author and editor of 20 books, and of over 400 international papers in technology and innovation management. Oliver Gassmann is a member of the board of the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property, a board member of several international companies, as well as co-founder of several spin-offs. Until 2002, he was the head of research and pre-development at Schindler. His research focuses on success factors for innovation and business models.

He has received numerous awards and honors for his work, including the RADMA Prize (1998, Manchester), and in 2013 was ranked as the Top Economist of Germany (2013, FAZ). Also listed as being among the Top 50 Researchers (2014, IAMOT) he became the recipient of the prestigious Scholarly Impact Award (2014, Journal of Management). According to Google Scholar he is the most frequently cited authority in the field of ‘R&D Management’ worldwide (2020).

Martin A. Bader is a European and Swiss Patent Attorney. As well as being Partner and Co-Founder of the specialized innovation and intellectual property management advisory group BGW AG St. Gallen, he has, since March 2016, been Professor for Technology Management and Entrepreneurship at the University of Applied Sciences Ingolstadt (THI). Previously, he was Head of the Intellectual Property Management Competence Center at the Institute of Technology Management at the University of St. Gallen (HSG) and was, until 2002, Vice President and Chief Intellectual Property Officer at Infineon Technologies, Munich.

He is a mediator at the Mediation Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and has for many years been regarded as being among the top 300 intellectual property strategists worldwide according to the Intellectual Asset Management magazine’s IAM strategy 300 index. He is also a long-standing author of numerous specialist publications and an internationally sought-after speaker in the field of intellectual property management.


Mark James Thompson is Assistant Director of the Center for Data Excellence at the Australian patent office (IP Australia) and CEO of Arêté Statistics AG, an inferential statistical consultancy. He was Chief Economist of the Austrian Patent office, and worked for several years at the Swiss office as an economist on patent reform legislation.

He did his PhD specifically on statistical and econometric patent valuation and competition, and uses that knowledge to run a long-short equity.

Stimmen zum Buch

“The book is a very good resource for the managers of companies and other innovative organizations, so that they can properly manage the results of the R&D processes. … I believe it is especially useful for lawyers who must interact with the boards or directors that make protection or investment decisions, since dialogue is not always easy between those who must advise and those who must decide on managers related to intellectual property rights.” (Gustavo Schötz, The IPKat,, November 28, 2020)

“Not only a must read for every IP specialist but also an exciting introduction for the non-professional with great examples and insights into the business world and its use of the patent system.” (Dr. jur. Catherine Chammartin, Director General, Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property (IPI), Bern, Switzerland)
“Finally, this definitive book about Patent Management is now available to English readers as well! The publication comes at the right time, since IP Management and in particular Patent Management has become more and more important in our digital world. Digital ecosystems need a strategic view on patent management since the contributions to and competitive advantages in a digital ecosystem are of intangible and intellectual nature. The reader will learn about all aspects of successful Patent Management: protection, defense as well as exploitation, valuation and organization. A core of the book that should be in the reference library of every innovation and IP management are the practical examples from different industries.” (Dr. Beat Weibel, Chief IP Counsel, Siemens)
“A reference for managers who want to bring information technology innovation with a clear intellectual property strategy to the market. A very readable book.” (Thomas Landolt, Managing Director, IBM)“IPR is not limited to ‘Intellectual Property Rights’, it is more about ‘Innovation’, ‘Patents’, and ‘Relationship’. This book provides in-depth studies on patent management in all respects, to highlight the core value of IPR by the art of management.” (Dr. Li Tian, Director of IPR & Standardization Department, ZTE Corporation)
“This book not only provides comprehensive guide and best practices for all aspects of enterprise patent management but also highlights several interesting opportunities for patent practitioners, such as patent protection scheme for artificial intelligence-based business method and block chain solution for patent transactions. Overall an excellent read.” (He Sidan, Managing Director of Strategy, Hisilicon, Huawei)“The book gives very good and structured insights into the crucial topic of patent management; especially helpful are the numerous examples.” (Prof. Dr. Thomas Kropf, President Corporate Research and Advance Engineering, Bosch)
“Essential reading on patent management. A comprehensive and practical overview covering everything from the fundamentals to the development of a corporate patent strategy.” (Stephen Albrecht, Director Corporate Technology, Liebherr International)                             “As the focus of many industries is rapidly shifting from classical manufacturing towards high-tech and new business models, the protection and monetization of intellectual property becomes of paramount importance. The book provides an easy-to-use framework, how to develop and implement a holistic IP strategy. Insights into different industries as well as on the impact of disruptive technologies (e.g. blockchain) makes it a great guide and reference.” (Dr. Thorsten Mueller, Head Global Product Group Building, ABB; fm. CTO Osram)
“A comprehensive overview of IP management, with a focus on patents. A must read for anyone involved in creating and managing IP for competitive advantage.” (Dr. Matthias Kaiserswerth, President of the Board, Abraxas)
“A really comprehensive, all-in book about Patents – strategy, value, management and commercialization. And not forgetting what they are for – foster innovation.” (Dr. Joerg Thomaier, Head of IP Bayer Group)
“Well written introduction to IP management for business and innovation managers.” (Dr. Hermann Bach, SVP, Innovation Management & Commercial Services, Covestro)
“A structured overview of IP strategy considerations, along with a comprehensive teaching of the fundamental principles, terminologies and processes relating to the world of IP.” (Charles Jeffries, Group Intellectual Property, Novartis)
“An outstanding textbook on intellectual property protection in innovation management. Explanations are immediately to be understood. Examples confirm the closeness to daily practice. Perfect for use in industry and academia. I wish all textbooks were as great as this one.” (Prof. Dr. Thomas Müller-Kirschbaum, Senior VP Innovation & Sustainability, Henkel)
“A must read for every technology and innovation manager, who is active in the patent race. I like the highlights across 13 industries and new technology trends such as AI, IoT, Nano-, and Biotech. The international author team provides valuable insights, many examples and strong managerial recommendations.” (Dr. Amir Bonakdar, Senior Director Customer Innovation, SAP Labs Palo Alto, U.S.A.)
“Intellectual Property Management for Professionals is a great book for engineers to leverage and implement their IP strategy and learn about best practices.” (Dr. Oliver Mayer, fm. Senior Principal at General Electric Research Center)
“Intellectual Property Management for Professionals is a good book that supports IP specialists both in their training and during their work. But also experienced readers will benefit from the book, as they find overviews and best practices that help them optimize IP strategy and IP processes.” (Alexander Poledna, Head of Intellectual Property Rights, Standards & Journals, voestalpine stahl, Linz, Austria)
“A great book for IP professionals to leverage and implement their IP strategy and learn about best practices. An experienced handling of IP challenges is essential presently. This book supports all IP professionals to improve their IP strategy and to learn about best practices.” (Dr. Jörg Friedhofen, Co-Head Patent Department, Vorwerk)
“A value driven IP strategy is the key to effectively protect the business of the future. Many companies are struggling implementing the appropriate strategy. This book provides the right tools to implement the necessary processes.” (Dr. Thomas Jetzfellner, Lead IP Counsel Blockchain, Siemens)
“Very comprehensively written, well-illustrated with examples and directly applicable for real-life business. A must read for every innovator who is in patent intensive industries.” (Nicolas Durville, CEO & Partner, Zühlke)
“‘Patent Management’ is a comprehensive practical guide to effective patent management that takes into account the rapidly changing technological environment of companies and the increasing complexity of the patent system. We learn how to detect the economic valuable knowledge, how to commercialize it successfully, and which management challenges arise in particular from new technologies like AI, IoT or blockchain. This book by Gassmann, Bader, and Thompson offers a great match between general insights and practical implications.” (Prof. Dr. Martin Woerter, KOF Swiss Economic Institute, ETH Zürich, Zurich, Switzerland)
“Managing Intellectual Property as the core values of a firm is much more than IP protection. This book addresses the importance and relevance of IP topics for business success. In addition, up-to-date examples and benchmarks, presented tools and frameworks are very useful for IP professionals and applicants.” (Prof. Dr. Sevim Süzeroglu-Melchiors, OTH Regensburg, Germany and fm Global Head of Consulting, Dennemeyer Group)
“Whether you are an executive who wants to understand the business logic of patenting, an IP consultant who wants to provide legal advice better tailored to your clients’ strategies, or a student of business and technology, this book offers in-depth and timely answers to your questions about patent management. It is packed with real-world examples, from all major industries as well as from new and emerging technologies.” (Prof. Dr. Marcus Holgersson, Associate Professor in Intellectual Property Management, Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden)
“This is a very timely book with IP management gaining increasing importance among executives. The book goes beyond an overview of protection strategies, providing valuable insights into commercialization practices, how to successfully organize patent management followed by important considerations of how patent management varies across industries. I particularly value the outlook the authors provide on patent management in new technology domains, such as artificial intelligence and blockchain. Given the applied perspective the authors take, this book will be of particular value to practitioners.” (Dr. Frank Tietze, Lecturer in Technology and Innovation Management, Institute for Manufacturing, University of Cambridge, Great Britain)
“A great book that does fill a niche on the market. Its value lies in combining theory and practice of patent management. The book does provide a comprehensive overview of patenting trends in new technological areas. Its clear structure in combination with many practical examples is of great help for both, practitioners and scientific scholars alike.” (Dr. Nikolaus Thumm, Senior Fellow at the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission, Seville, Spain)
“This comprehensive book is the perfect mix between theory and practice and the ultimate reading for anyone interested in a real-world picture of patent management. Definitely a must-read.” (Prof. Dr. Massimiliano Granieri, Professor of Law, University of Brescia, Italy)
“An engaging and useful book, rich of examples that help illustrate the protection of innovation to a wide audience, including post-graduate students, innovation scholars and practitioners. Besides explaining the fundamentals of patent management in plain words, the book introduces the reader to the nuances of patent strategy in different industries and technological fields.” (Prof. Dr. Salvatore Torrisi, Professor of Strategic Management, University of Milano-Bicocca, Italy)
“A must-read for all those involved with transforming innovation into intangible company assets, for its comprehensive coverage of all industry sectors and its didactic approach to managing and exploiting these assets.” (Philippe Therias, Avocat au Barreau de Paris, BCF Global, France)
“A comprehensive and accessible book on patent fundamentals and practice, from a practical management perspective. It is useful, practical and full of examples that make its reading both enjoyable and interesting. It offers both a comprehensive and deep analysis of the most important current industries, as well as of new technologies like artificial intelligence, its important implications and specific practices. I recommend it both as a reference manual, to clarify basic concepts on the subject, and for consultation in professional practice related to the protection of specific inventions and technology.” (Reyes Campello Estebaranz, Arbitrator in Intellectual Property, Managing Partner, CEALAW, Alicante, Spain)
“The patent strategy reference book for patent managers, CTOs, CIOs and CEOs in innovation-intensive sectors. Bader, Gassmann and Thompson provide a comprehensive guide to effectively build and strategically manage patent portfolios across a variety of sectors and technologies. The ultimate guide in patent tactics to create and extract value from R&D efforts and to stay ahead in the innovation game, including a wide array of compelling business cases.” (Josep Maria Pujals, Client Solutions Director, Ponti & Partners, Barcelona, Spain)
“We are very lucky to finally have an English version of Patent Management. Gassmann, Bader and Thompson's work is an excellent tool for those who aim for professional and planned management of the intangible assets of companies and other organizations, such as public research institutions. The recommendations consider the flexibility needed to manage intangible assets, heavily dependent on the competitive environment, the industrial sector, and the idiosyncrasies of the organization. Examples and suggested tools for portfolio management are also practical and accessible. The book is an essential resource at this time, when the strategic management of global intellectual property rights have reached great complexity and are fundamental to the company's performance. The authors' analysis extends to the entire process, from innovation, valuation and registration, open innovation platforms, cross licensing, and possible litigation, among other topics.” (Prof. Gustavo Schötz, Consultancy in Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer, Universidad Austral, Intellectual Property Center, Buenos Aires, Argentina)
“Since innovation is something that pushes the corporate world forward, and simultaneously needs to count on the protection on creations and inventions, this work written by Profs. Drs. Martin Bader and Oliver Gassmann and by Dr. sc. ETH Mark James Thompson, guarantees a great overview of how to manage and protect patent and intellectual property. This book will serve as a very important tool to encourage those who dedicate their time to innovation in every field. By managing protection of patents, it is sure that more and more people can walk safer on their innovation journeys. I’m looking forward to be delighted with this book, which I will certainly use in my routine.” (Ramon Fernandez Aracil Filho, Partner at Mourão Campos, São Paulo, Brazil)
“A practical, yet comprehensive handbook on patent management. It's the reference text I wish I had, when starting out in research commercialisation!” (Dr. Luke Krieg, Digital Innovation Lead, GHD, Auckland, New Zealand)
“One of those rare combinations of the practical with the cutting edge academic that manages to condense it all into best practice for managing a sophisticated patent portfolio inside a business. The book does not assume knowledge and works as an excellent introduction, but it quickly moves on to show the best practices for different industries, from crop sciences to fintech, and technologies ranging from biotech to AI for how to build, commercialise and maintain your patent portfolio. The book is packed with great examples, and invites the reader to explore beyond your own immediate sphere, and always with a mind to assisting with how to manage what is a business critical asset – intellectual property.” (Benjamin Mitra-Kahn, Chief Economist & General Manager Policy & Governance Group, IP Australia, Phillip/Canberra, Australia)
“We live in an age of ever-increasing pressure to ‘innovate or die’, to balance the need for collaborative knowledge production and dissemination with the need to thrive in a competitive global economy. This book offers an accessible guide to the complex world of intellectual property rights and patents – whether you are a student or practitioner of innovative practices, supply chain management, digital transformation or knowledge entrepreneurship.” (Dr. Carola Weil, Dean of Continuing Studies, McGill University / Université McGill, Montréal, Canada)
“This is an excellent book for professionals working in the field of the intellectual property management. It provides a practical and comprehensive guide for generating, evaluating, managing and monetizing intellectual property rights (patents).  Professionals can use information from this book in a wide variety of industry and technology sectors.” (Michael Kucher, Attorney at Law, Partner at Slater & Matsil, Dallas, U.S.A.)
“An absolute complete overview on the topic with very tangible and practical examples in industry and covering the latest technology trends.” (Dr. Erich Ruetsche, Technology & IP Leader, IBM Research Europe)

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Inhaltsverzeichnis (8 Kapitel)

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Protecting Intellectual Property and Innovation
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