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Knowledge and Space
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Geographies of Schooling

Herausgeber: Jahnke, Holger, Kramer, Caroline, Meusburger, Peter (Eds.)

  • This open access book describes the complex inter-dependency between education and space in different scales and different theoretical perspectives
  • Deals with schooling in a clearly geographical, but at the same time interdisciplinary and international dimension
  • Covers quantitative and qualitative methodologies
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  • ISBN 978-3-030-18799-6
  • Dieses Buch ist ein Open Access Buch und ist frei zugänglich auf link.springer.com
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Über dieses Buch

This open access book explores the complex relationship between schooling as a set of practices embedded in educational institutions and their specific spatial dimensions from different disciplinary perspectives. It presents innovative empirical and conceptual research by international scholars from the fields of social geography, pedagogy, educational and social sciences in Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Czechia, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, Norway and Canada. The book covers a broad range of topics, all examined from a spatial perspective: the governance of schooling, the transition processes of and within national school systems, the question of small schools in peripheral areas as well as the embeddedness of schooling in broader processes of social change. Transcending disciplinary boundaries, the book offers deep insights into current theoretical debates and empirical case studies within the broad research field encompassing the complex relationship between education and space.

Über die Autor*innen

Holger Jahnke is Professor of Geography and Geography Education at Europa-Universität Flensburg and speaker of the Geography of Education working group within the German Geographical Society (DGfG). He works within the field of geography of education, focusing his research and teaching on education and its relationship with spatial development and migration. Most recently, he has researched the role of education in local transformation processes, especially in rural and peripheral areas. Holger Jahnke has used his studies of geography, French, and Italian to teach and carry out research in several European countries as well as in Ghana, Colombia, and Bangladesh.

Caroline Kramer is Professor of Human Geography at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. Her research interests include the geography of education, population and urban geography, as well as time geography associated with mobility and multi-local living. She is particularly interested in the meaning that small schools have for communities in which they are located. Her most recent work deals with spatial and temporal justice in cities, focusing especially on temporal inhabitants and multi-local living arrangements. She is currently chief editor of the journal Berichte. Geographie und Landeskunde and serves as board member in two German non-university research institutes in regional science.

Peter Meusburger (1942-2017) was Distinguished Senior Professor of Social and Economic Geography at Heidelberg University. His main research interests were spatial and social disparities of educational achievement; the nexus between knowledge and space; milieus of creativity; relations between knowledge and power; spatial “mobility” of knowledge; knowledge and economic performance; and related fields. Peter Meusburger held a Ph.D. in geography from Innsbruck University in Austria. Between 1983 and 2007 he held the chair of Social and Economic Geography at Heidelberg University. He served Heidelberg University as Dean and Prorector and was president of the Association of German Geographers from 2001 to 2003.

Inhaltsverzeichnis (18 Kapitel)

Inhaltsverzeichnis (18 Kapitel)
  • Geographies of Schooling: An Introduction

    Seiten 1-16

    Kramer, Caroline (et al.)

  • Territorial Governance of Schooling and Education in Rural Areas: Case Studies from Northern Germany

    Seiten 19-33

    Jahnke, Holger

  • Local Educational Landscapes in Germany: Interfaces and Interlacings Between Education and Urban Development

    Seiten 35-53

    Coelen, Thomas (et al.)

  • School Autonomy Policies and the Changing Governance of Schooling

    Seiten 55-73

    Altrichter, Herbert

  • From Republican Spaces of Schooling to Educational Territories? The Problematic Emergence of Educational Territories in Postdecentralized France

    Seiten 75-93

    Giband, David

Dieses Buch kaufen

  • ISBN 978-3-030-18799-6
  • Dieses Buch ist ein Open Access Buch und ist frei zugänglich auf link.springer.com
Hardcover 53,49 €
Preis für Deutschland (Brutto)
Softcover 53,49 €
Preis für Deutschland (Brutto)

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Bibliographic Information
Geographies of Schooling
  • Holger Jahnke
  • Caroline Kramer
  • Peter Meusburger
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Knowledge and Space
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