Author services, Issue 12 November 2012

Springer Book Archives – Your Book Can Live Forever!

Can you imagine a stack of books seven times the height of the Empire State Building in New York City? This gives you an idea of the wealth of books, covering all disciplines and spanning over 160 years of academic publishing, that we plan to include in the Springer Book Archives (SBA).

Springer Book ArchivesSpringer is creating this vast archive to ensure that these books live on in perpetuity for future generations of researchers. The SBA will consist of high-quality digital versions of books published between 1842 and 2005, including many that are now out-of-print, making them available again, both online and in print. The archiving project includes some 40 renowned imprints and affirms our commitment to preserving valuable scholarly content. It will enable researchers all over the world to access a wealth of information through their libraries.
Your book plays an important part in this effort! Let us know if you, or perhaps someone from your research colleagues or your family, has written a book with Springer or one of our imprints in the past.

In summary:

Your book will be digitized and become an eBook, published on SpringerLink, our online platform, and compatible with e-reading devices such as the Kindle or the iPad.

Your book can never go out-of-print and will be preserved for future generations of scientists. The print version can be ordered at any time.

You will be provided with free access to the electronic version of your book once it is included in the archive.

Librarians around the world have embraced the SBA initiative, having recognized that it will help them to provide even better and more comprehensive service to their patrons. “There’s always something new to be found in something old,” says Karen Hopkins, Librarian and Assistant to the Dean for Planning and Assessment from the University of Texas, Arlington, USA.

Visit Springer Book Archives, find out if your book is already included in the provisional SBA title list and get in touch with us.