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Computer Science | Aims and Scope: SN Computer Science

Aims and Scope: SN Computer Science

SN Computer Science is a broad-based, peer reviewed journal that publishes original research in all the disciplines of computer science including various inter-disciplinary aspects. The journal aims to be a global forum of, for, and by the community and offers:

Rapid peer review under the expert guidance of a global Editorial Board
No color or page charges, free submission, and is free to access for the first two years of publication
High visibility
• Opportunities to Societies/Conferences/Institutes/Laboratories/Corporates to ‘partner’ with the Journal and enjoy the benefit of planning and publishing issues in hot areas of research, without being under the pressure of publishing a full-fledge journal

SN Computer Science welcomes submissions from a wide range of topics including, but not limited to:

 Artificial Intelligence


 Machine learning

 Computer Vision

 Pattern Recognition

 Image Processing

 Computer Graphics

 Human-Computer Interface

 Document and Handwriting  Processing

 Video Technologies

 Biometrics and Computer Forensics

 Soft Computing

 Brain Computing

 Quantum Computing

 Information Retrieval

 Internet Computing and Data Mining

 Theoretical Computer Science: Logic, Algorithms, and Complexity

 Automated Proofs and Formal Verification

 Computational Geometry

 Information Theory

 Speech and Signal Processing

 Algorithms and Data Structures

 Programming Languages

 Software Engineering

 Computer Architecture

 Computer and Communication Networks

 Computer and Network Performance

 Modeling and Simulation

 Energy Consumption and Harvesting Computers & Networks

 Green ICT

 Computer and Network Security/Privacy


 High Performance Computing

 Parallel Computing and Architecture

 Distributed and Cloud Computing

 Social Networks

 Database Systems and Theory

 Computers and Networks in Supply Chains and Manufacturing

 Computers and Networks for Health Systems

 Computational Biology and Bioinformatics

 Cyber-Physical Systems

 Internet of Things (IoT)

 Mathematical Programming and Combinatorial Optimization

 Economics and Computation

SN Computer Science publishes papers in the following categories:  Original Research, as well as relevant hardware, and/or software architectures, Survey and Review Articles. All papers are evaluated on the basis of scientific content.  Submissions are first screened for research and publication ethics prior to peer review.  The journal reviews each submission from a sound science perspective.

In addition to direct submissions, SN Computer Science also considers papers that have been referred from Springer Nature’s prestigious computer science journal portfolio.

The journal is now open to submissions.