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Computer Science | Peter Chen Award 2012

9 January 2013

Peter Chen Award 2012

Congratulations, Stefano Spaccapietra! 

Since 2008 the Peter P. Chen Award honors one person each year for his or her outstanding contributions to the field of conceptual modeling. The winner receives a plaque and check for US $1000 from the ER Institute. The winner is announced and presented each year at the ER conference.

Dr. Stefano Spaccapietra 

has published numerous publications with Springer, as a founding editor of JoDS (from its very start as an LNCS subline and during the transition into a real journal) or as an LNCS and a book author.

What the ER Committee Says About the Winner 

Dr. Spaccapietra has made numerous important contributions to the conceptual modeling field and the broad database field. From the very beginning of his career he mainly focused on semantic interoperability, i.e. how to promote an intelligent exchange of information among computers and humans. He intensively published on distributed and federated database architectures , addressing in particular schema and database integration issues. A kernel contribution has been the development of a rich ER model, called ERC+ (ER for complex objects), seen as the best appropriate tool to support semantic interoperability. Together with Dr. Christine Parent, he defined an algebraic language for ERC+ and later implemented the algebra as a visual interface in the SUPER prototype.
Following a request from the Swiss administration to extend ERC+ to geographical data, Dr. Spaccapietra initiated a complementary research direction on spatio-temporal data modeling. ERC+ was extended into MADS, a conceptual spatio-temporal data model that has been implemented and successfully used in the design of several geographical databases. T hanks to the European project MurMur, the eventual addition of multi-representation support made MADS the most advanced conceptual model for geographic data . Multi-representation allowed, for example, the French National Mapping Agency to test the integrated support of their multiple databases at different scales.
Since 2000, he worked on ontologies by looking at ways to extend MADS to be an ontology model and by working on defining an ontology modularization approach. These topics were realized within two European-supported activities: the DIP integrated project and the KnowledgeWeb Network of Excellence. Ontologies are also at the core of his contribution to the MICS NCCR centre where the focus was on location-based services. His most recent interest is in the modeling and management of mobility data. This research had a definite influence on the development of semantic approaches to mobility as part of the MODAP and MOVE European projects.
In addition to his outstanding research contributions and innumerable publications that include many books, Dr. Spaccapietra has actively served the database research community in various capacities. He created the ER Steering Committee and served as its first chair for five years, then as a member until 2011. He is the founding Editor-in-Chief of the Journal on Data Semantics, a Springer LNCS subline . He also served for six years as the chair of the Database Reference Model ISO working group and the chair of the IFIP Group 2.6 on databases. He also served as the conference chair and program chair of many conferences, including ER, COOPIS, EDBT, and ICDT.
Dr. Spaccapietra has received numerous recognitions and awards. He was elected as an IEEE Fellow in 1999 and an ER Fellow in 2009. He also received IFIP Silver Core Award in 1998, and ER Outstanding Contribution Award in 2011.
Dr. Spaccapietra highly deserves the 2012 Peter Chen Award. Congratulations!
The selection process was done according to the following four basic criteria:
Criteria for the Award:
• Research: how well the nominee has helped advance the field of conceptual modeling with his/her intellectual contributions.
• Service: participation in the organization of conceptual-modeling-related meetings and conferences and participation in editorial boards of conceptual-modeling-related journals.
• Education: how effectively the nominee has mentored doctoral students in conceptual modeling, produced researchers from their labs, and also helped mentor young people in the field.
• Contribution to practice: the extent to which the nominee has contributed to technology transfer, commercialization, and industrial projects.
• International reputation: the extent to which the nominee's work is visible to and has diffused into the international community.
The 2012 award committee members were Umesh Dayal (HP Labs, USA ) , Tok Wang Ling (National University of Singapore, Singapore), John Mylopoulos ( University of Trento, Italy) , Il-Yeol Song (Chair, Drexel University, USA), and Veda Storey (Georgia State University, USA).

Previous Peter Chen Award Winners Publishing with Springer 

2011: Prof. Tok Wang Ling, National University of Singapore
2010: Prof. John Mylopoulos, University of Trento, Italy
2009: Prof. David W. Embley, Brigham Young University, USA
2008: Prof. Bernhard Thalheim, University of Kiel, Germany