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Computer Science | ACM Fellows 2012

11 December 2012

ACM Fellows 2012

ACM Fellow
The ACM Fellows Program was established by Council in 1993 to recognize and honor outstanding ACM members for their achievements in computer science and information technology and for their significant contributions to the mission of the ACM. The ACM Fellows serve as distinguished colleagues to whom the ACM and its members look for guidance and leadership as the world of information technology evolves.

ACM Fellows 2012 publishing with Springer 

Gustavo Alonso 

For contributions to distributed systems, middleware, and data management.

Book author.

Lars Arge 

For contributions to massive data algorithmics.

Editorial board member and co-editor for several LNCS volumes.

Pierre Baldi  

For contributions to artificial intelligence and statistical machine learning for bioinformatics.

Editorial board member.

Larry Davis 

For contributions to image processing and computer vision.

Former editorial board member.

Ahmed K Elmagarmid 

For contributions to database management systems.

Founding editor and former editor-in-chief of the journal "Distributed and Parallel Databases", journal contributor, multiple book author and editor, and series co-editor for the “Advances in Database Systems” book series.

Saul Greenberg 

For contributions to computer supported cooperative work and ubiquitous computing

Former member of editorial boards and author of numerous chapters with Springer over the years.

Jonathan Grudin  

For contributions to human computer interaction with an emphasis on computer supported cooperative work.

Member of editorial boards and author of numerous chapters with Springer over the years.

Rachid Guerraoui 

For contributions to the theory and practice of reliable distributed computing.

Book author.

Leonid Libkin 

For contributions to finite model theory and database theory

Book author and co-author.

Klara Nahrstedt 

For contributions to quality-of-service management for distributed multimedia systems.

Book author

Andrew Pitts 

For contributions to the theory of programming language semantics.

Advisory board member.

Rajeev Rastogi 

For contributions to the analysis and management of large data sets.

Book author

Patrick Valduriez 

For contributions to parallel and distributed data management.

Editorial board member and book author.