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Computer Science - Theoretical Computer Science | Aims and Scope: Neuroethics

Aims and Scope: Neuroethics

This journal will offer FREE ACCESS to the FULL TEXT of all articles during 2008 and 2009.

Aims and Scope

Neuroethics will be an international peer-reviewed journal dedicated to academic articles on the ethical, legal, political, social and philosophical issues provoked by research in the contemporary sciences of the mind, especially, but not only, neuroscience, psychiatry and psychology. The journal will publish high-quality reflections on questions raised by the sciences of the mind, and on the ways in which the sciences of the mind illuminate longstanding debates in ethics.

  • To publish the highest-quality work on the ethical issues raised by the sciences of the mind, thereby establishing the journal as the leading forum for neuroethical discussion.
  • To drive and shape the agenda for neuroethics, by ensuring high standards and by encouraging attention to the entire range of neuroethical issues.
  • To encourage the development of neuroethics and raise the standard of discussion, in particular by promoting interdisciplinary research, which is empirically well-informed and philosophically sophisticated.
  • To keep readers up-to-date with relevant developments in the sciences of the mind and in cognate disciplines including, but not limited to, philosophy, bioethics, the human and social sciences and the law.
  • To provide useful and informative reviews, including extended symposia, short critical notices, and a list of new books.
  • To publish papers from workshops/symposia/conference panels that we will collectively encourage and/or organize.

The journal will be highly inclusive in its scope: it will publish articles with a historical focus on earlier philosophical discussions of neuroethics, as well as articles with a contemporary focus. It will seek contributions from a range of academic disciplines; as such, it will seek to promote fruitful dialogue between all members of the ethical, medical, legal and social science communities.