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Computer Science - Database Management & Information Retrieval | Scientometrics – incl. option to publish open access (Editorial Board)

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An International Journal for all Quantitative Aspects of the Science of Science, Communication in Science and Science Policy

Editor-in-Chief: Wolfgang Glänzel

ISSN: 0138-9130 (print version)
ISSN: 1588-2861 (electronic version)

Journal no. 11192

Wolfgang Glänzel
, Wolfgang.Glanzel@kuleuven.be
Price Medal Laureate

Tibor Braun,
Email: braun@mail.iif.hu
Price Medal Laureate

András Schubert,
Email: schuba@iif.hu
Price Medal Laureate

Tibor Kocsor
Email: Kocsor.Tibor@akkrt.hu

Sarah Heeffer


Judit Bar-Ilan; Blaise Cronin; Leo Egghe; Peter Ingwersen; Loet Leydesdorff; Ben Martin; Katerine W. McCain; Henk F. Moed; Francis Narin; Olle Persson; Ronald Rousseau; Henry Small; Michael Thelwall; Anthony F.J. Van Raan; Péter Vinkler; Howard D. White; Michel Zitt

Giovanni Abramo; Helmut A. Abt; Jonathan Adams; Isidro F. Aguillo;  Dag W. Aksnes; Eric Archambault; Stephen J. Bensman; Bettina Berendt; Maria Bordons; Lutz Bornmann; Kevin W. Boyack; Quentin L. Burrell; Linda Butler; Guillaume Cabanac; Juan M. Campanario; Ciriaco A. D'Angelo; Hans-Dieter Daniel; Cinzia Daraio; Félix De Moya Anegon; Koenraad Debackere; Ying Ding; Peter T. Frangopol; Juan Gorraiz; Jiancheng Guan; Anne-Wil  Harzing; Stefanie Haustein; Mu-Hsuan Huang; Yuya Kajikawa; Kayvan Kousha; Manuel Krauskopf; Hildrun Kretschmer; Vincent Lariviere; Grant Lewison; Carmen López-Illescas; Mark Luwel; Philipp Mayr-Schlegel; Martin S. Meyer; Stasa Milojevic; Johann Mouton; Han Woo Park; Bluma Peritz; Isabella Peters; Anastassios Pouris; Ismael Rafols; Andrea Scharnhorst; Ulrich Schmoch; Torben Schubert; Min Song; Cassidy R. Sugimoto; Peter Van den Besselaar; Thed N. Van Leeuwen; Liwen Vaughan; Ludo Waltman; Erjia Yan; Ping Zhou

Meet the Editor-in-Chief 

Meet the Editor-in-Chief

Wolfgang Glänzel 

Wolfgang Glänzel is Full Professor at KU Leuven and Director of the Centre for R&D Monitoring (ECOOM). He is also affiliated with the Dept. Science Policy & Scientometrics at the Library of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Budapest (Hungary).
Wolfgang Glänzel studied mathematics at the Eötvös Lorand University (ELTE) in Budapest. He holds a doctorate in mathematics from ELTE as well as a PhD in the Social Sciences from Leiden University (Netherlands).
He worked about twenty years at the Library of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and he was Alexander von Humboldt Fellow for two years in Germany. Since 2002 he works and lives in Leuven (Belgium).
Wolfgang Glänzel is author, co-author or co-editor of several books and more than 300 publications in international journals and conference proceedings. He has published in probability theory and mathematical statistics, computer science and various topics in quantitative science studies, scientometrics and informetrics.
In 1999 he received the international Derek deSolla Price Award for outstanding contributions to the quantitative studies of science.
He is the Secretary-Treasurer of the International Society for Scientometrics and Informetrics (ISSI) and responsible for the Society’s newsletter.
Wolfgang Glänzel served as member of the Editorial Board, Co-editor and Associate Editor-in-Chief of Scientometrics (SCIM) before he assumed the function of the Editor-in-Chief in 2014.

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    Aims and Scope


    Scientometrics aims at publishing original studies, short communications, preliminary reports, review papers, letters to the editor and book reviews on scientometrics. The topics covered are results of research concerned with the quantitative features and characteristics of science. Emphasis is placed on investigations in which the development and mechanism of science are studied by means of (statistical) mathematical methods.

    The Journal also provides the reader with important up-to-date information about international meetings and events in scientometrics and related fields. Appropriate bibliographic compilations are published as a separate section. Due to its fully interdisciplinary character, Scientometrics is indispensable to research workers and research administrators throughout the world. It provides valuable assistance to librarians and documentalists in central scientific agencies, ministries, research institutes and laboratories.

    Scientometrics includes the Journal of Research Communication Studies. Consequently its aims and scope cover that of the latter, namely, to bring the results of research investigations together in one place, in such a form that they will be of use not only to the investigators themselves but also to the entrepreneurs and research workers who form the object of these studies.
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