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Computer Science - Communication Networks | Aims and Scope: Cell Biochemistry and Biophysics

Aims and Scope: Cell Biochemistry and Biophysics

Cell Biochemistry and Biophysics (CBB) aims to publish papers on the nature of the biochemical and biophysical mechanisms underlying the structure, control and function of cellular systems

The reports should be within the framework of modern biochemistry and chemistry, biophysics and cell physiology, physics and engineering, molecular and structural biology. The relationship between molecular structure and function under investigation is emphasized.

Examples of subject areas that CBB publishes are:
· biochemical and biophysical aspects of cell structure and function;
· interactions of cells and their molecular/macromolecular constituents;
· innovative developments in genetic and biomolecular engineering;
· computer-based analysis of tissues, cells, cell networks, organelles, and molecular/macromolecular    assemblies;
· photometric, spectroscopic, microscopic, mechanical, and electrical methodologies/techniques in analytical cytology, cytometry and innovative instrument design

For articles that focus on computational aspects, authors should be clear about which docking and molecular dynamics algorithms or software packages are being used as well as details on the system parameterization, simulations conditions etc. In addition, docking calculations (virtual screening, QSAR, etc.) should be validated either by experimental studies or one or more reliable theoretical cross-validation methods.

As to areas that we do not cover, we discourage clinical and epidemiological studies related to human health. We will consider papers on animal cell biology, but not plant species

CBB also publishes reviews and minireviews, opinion papers, letters to the editor and proceedings of symposia.