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Springer's Library Advisory Boards Focus on Innovation

George Scotti, Director of Channel Marketing and Account Development, Americas

Springer has established local Library Marketing teams in the Americas and in Europe that focus on developing relationships with academic, corporate and government libraries on a global basis.

A significant and successful component of Springer’s relationships with library customers is the concept of the Library Advisory Board (LAB).

Springer has formed and continually maintains local and global LABs to facilitate two-way communication with the library community.

For a detailed look at the Library Advisory Board, see Society Zone issue 7.

2010 LAB Focus

The LABs in 2010 will focus on the theme of innovation, both from the Springer side and from the library side. In these meetings, Springer will not only present the innovative concepts that are coming of our publishing units, but also will ask librarians to help shape innovative products and services of the future. In addition, members will have the opportunity to share what innovative concepts and solutions are being implemented within their institutions. These innovative topics will only continue to help Springer, by:

  • Delivering clear market insight, direct from customers,
  • Driving improved products and services,
  • Validating strategies and solutions, and
  • Strengthening relationships with library leaders worldwide.

What they are saying about the LAB!

Not only does Springer gain valuable insight into the market, members also benefit from the meetings. The following are quotes taken from our ‘post-meeting’ surveys from the library members:

  • “They care about getting it right.”
  • “They’re really committed to getting feedback.”
  • “You proved you listen!”
  • “The Springer staff is impressive –knowledgeable and helpful.
  • “I appreciate their soliciting our input and opinions.”

Professional Fulfillment

Because our customers are so engaged in the program and because Springer has embraced taking direction from the board, the program has become very fulfilling for me and my colleagues. We get to talk to our customers and really implement the changes that need to be made in order to serve them better. It is a unique opportunity for which Springer and our partners should be very proud of.

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