Society & Partner Zone Issue 17, Open Access

Springer Innovations: Open Access Publishing

Springer has been a leader in the OA movement since its inception and is now the largest OA publisher in the world with just over 30,000 articles published in 2011. OA articles published with Springer benefit from the same rigorous editorial and peer-review processes as those published in its subscription journals.

And as with our subscription based journals, our open access journals are included in all the major bibliographic databases and are tracked for Impact Factors. The copyright of Springer OA articles remain with the author and articles are published under the Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY) to ensure proper attribution for any future usage. Additionally, articles are published immediately upon acceptance and in some cases can be available online in as little as 20 days from submission, dramatically reducing the time to publication.

More timely dissemination of the research can have a meaningful impact on the field of study, improving the utility of the information and accelerating the entire process of scientific discovery. And because OA articles are available to all and easily discoverable through commonly available search tools, interdisciplinary use of the information is more likely.

As OA gathers momentum both in popularity and as a viable publishing model, academic societies will need to evaluate their publishing partner(s) to understand their approach to OA and to ensure that they have an integrated, forward looking digital strategy; one that expands access to content, and does so with minimal restrictions and limitations for the user.

For more information on Springer’s Open Access offerings, please contact your local Springer representative or visit us online.

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