Society & Partner Zone Issue 12, Regional Highlights

Springer India: An Overview of Springer’s Operations in India

Springer India commenced operations in October 2002 in New Delhi. Objective is to deliver world-class scientific knowledge and high-quality research and analysis to the Indian academic and professional audience.

Driven by Springer’s global core values and ideals, we innovate, adapt and promote real, beneficial change in publishing. Springer India has forged many enduring partnerships and relationships among readers, authors and institutional partners, including creative business models, inventive products and international collaborations that have established us and our partners as trusted suppliers and true leaders in the information age.

We initiated Society co-publishing activities in 2006 to promote Indian content globally, and since have partnered with such renowned societies as the Indian Academy of Sciences, the Association of Surgeons of India, the Association of Otolaryngologists of India, the Association of Microbiologists of India, the Indian Association of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgeons, and more. Today, Springer India has publishing agreements with 40 societies.

Through close cooperation with the research and academic community, we play an important role in disseminating research from India to a worldwide audience. Indian journal content is accessible by major institutions worldwide, helping reduce the disparity in published research between the developed and the developing worlds. This in turn has resulted in increased global visibility for our content, increased citation for our research papers and improvement of the Impact Factor of Indian journals. Submissions to Indian Journals have increased dramatically since they became available on SpringerLink.

The availability of Indian content together with other content published worldwide has created a scientific interaction of a high level which helps drive innovation and research in India.

Springer’s approach to business - intertwining human and social values of our nation - has made us the preferred partner of the academic community in India. Springer operates Globally but we act Locally.

Springer India is driven by a highly motivated team that understands and responds to unique Indian market needs, while meeting Springer‘s global organization and quality standards.

Led by Sanjiv Goswami, Managing Director of Springer India Pvt. Ltd, operations in India are divided into the Library and Trade Sales divisions.

Springer India’s geographic focus includes India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka for sales and promotion.