Open Access, Society & Partner Zone Issue 21

Bringing the open access option to subscription journals

Open Choice does exactly what it says – it provides authors with the choice as to how their article is published. Launched in 2004, Springer Open Choice has enabled thousands of authors to publish their research open access. Open Choice is a hybrid open access option for subscription-based journals. The majority of Springer’s 2,000+ journals offer Open Choice. Publishing Open Choice involves an open access publication fee of USD 3000 / EUR 2200 (excl. VAT).

Open choice offers authors significant benefits including:

  • Freely available access to final version of their article online;
  • Easy compliance with open access mandates;
  • Retention of copyright;
  • Final version can be re-used and immediately deposited in any repository;
  • Automatic export triggered to PubMed Central/Europe PubMed Central (PMC).*

We know that your mission as a society is to support your authors in the widest possible dissemination of their research to raise their own profile as well as that of the society. With Open Choice, you can serve the requirement for authors who wish or are mandated to publish their research open access. Not only does this help authors reach a much wider audience than might be possible through a subscription-only journal, but your society also attracts greater attention through the wider access to your author’s work. And remember, institutions and funding agencies worldwide have adopted open access mandates which require their members and faculty to make their research freely available to all.

Does your journal not yet offer Open Choice? Let us address some questions you may have:

To be able to offer Open Choice, do we need to adapt our current workflow?

No. Your journal only needs to be added to the Open Choice program. Once your journal is Open Choice eligible, authors are able to opt for Open Choice after article acceptance.

Under which copyright and license terms are Open Choice articles published?

If authors choose open access in the Springer Open Choice program, the copyright remains with them, the authors of the article.

Springer’s Open Choice eligible journals publish open access articles under the liberal Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) license. The CC BY license permits commercial and non-commercial re-use of an open access article, as long as the original author and source are properly attributed.

How can we promote Open Choice to our authors?

Detailed information about Open Choice and instructions for authors are available on the journal homepage on Simply encourage your authors to visit the journal page or the Springer Open Choice website to learn about the benefits of Open Choice and open access in general.

Are Open Choice articles labeled on SpringerLink?

Yes, Open Choice articles are clearly labeled at SpringerLink using the open access button. Open access articles can also be identified as open access in the article PDF, HTML and in the article metadata.

Is the journal’s subscription price adjusted according to its Open Choice share?

 Since 2011, Springer reviews the paid open access share for all journals and adjusts the list price of those journals which reached a significant threshold of paid Open Choice articles.

In 2014, the subscription prices of 92 journals were adjusted based on Open Choice content.

More details about Open Choice can be found online or please speak to your Publishing Editor for further information.

Springer Open Choice

Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) license

* The final published version will become freely available on PMC/Europe PMC, the full-text archive of scientific literature in the biomedical and life sciences, if the respective journal is on the “PMC Journal List”.