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Editorial Excellence

Count on your Journal rising to the top of its game.

Maximize the reach and impact of your content while maintaining firm control of your editorial policy.

We’re committed to helping you develop and enhance your editorial content and quality at all times, both online and in print.

Take full advantage of SpringerLink technology to ensure far‐reaching exposure to your publications.

  • SpringerLink was the first online digital publishing platform for quick delivery of and access to content in an integrated platform.
  • This interactive system is the envy of the publishing world… and that’s good news for you. No‐one else offers you and your members this level of high‐quality STM Journals, book series, books, reference works and Online Archives Collection in one location
  • This gives your Society members unprecedented flexibility and open access to all your materials. See our information on Springer’s Global Reach to 30 million users.

Get maximum coverage through our innovative and flexible editorial initiatives.

  • Expect complete compliance for access requirements of funders’ mandates, including NIH and HHMI.
  • Rely on regular reporting on usage and other metrics to assist in your editorial strategy development.
  • Enjoy flexible page budget and an Open Choice™ option — Springer’s open access program available for individual articles.
  • Gain further insights and benefits as a result of our Annual Editorial Board meetings and Strategy Retreats, where we focus on the future success of our Society partner Journals.

Make sure your Journal and authors receive the visibility they deserve with Online First® Delivery.

  • Count on lightning‐speed access to article‐by‐article e‐publication through Online First®: articles are published in an average of 21 days from acceptance.
  • Expect error‐free documents at all times through our highest quality copyediting performed by U.S.‐based personnel.
  • Assume that your publication follows the most professional design anywhere, with standardization of figures and tables for all articles.

Save time and steps with an online article submission system.

  • With SpringerLink, your authors and editors enjoy a powerful central access point to content, images and more.
  • You’ll reduce your editorial processing and review times, and shorten overall publication times.
  • You’ll also deliver content faster since articles and Journals are available online, well before print versions are released.