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Homeopathy – the undiluted facts

Does homeopathy work? | Why is it so popular? | What can it teach mainstream healthcare? | This book presents the evidence needed to help people answer these questions and more

Heidelberg, 8 November 2016

Book cover: Homeopathy - The Undiluted FactsAs a junior doctor, Edzard Ernst worked in a homeopathic hospital, practised homeopathy, and was impressed with its results. As his career progressed and he became a research scientist, he investigated the reasons for this efficacy and began to publish the evidence.

This new book Homeopathy - The Undiluted Facts presents what he has learned to a lay audience. As an authoritative guide, it is complemented by an 80-page lexicon on the subject, covering definitions, key ingredients and protagonists in its history from founder Samuel Hahnemann to supporter Prince Charles.

Edzard Ernst says: “Homeopathy has been with us for more than 200 years and today millions of patients and consumers swear use its remedies on a daily basis. While some people seem to believe in it with a quasi-religious fervor, others loath it with a similarly deeply-felt passion. In this climate, it is far from easy for consumers to find simple, factual and reliable material on this subject. My book aims to fill this gap.”

There are many misconceptions and myths surrounding homeopathy which Ernst is able to dispel. In the final chapter, he covers both spurious arguments made by proponents of homeopathy and spurious arguments made by its opponents.

For example, in countering the notion that patients who use homeopathy must be stupid, he points out that many patients consult homeopaths because they have needs which are not met by conventional medicine. During a consultation with a homeopath, patients often experience more sympathy, empathy, and compassion. To dismiss this as stupidity would mean missing a chance to learn a lesson.

Ernst encourages both skepticism and openness to new ideas. He says: “This book is based on the all-important principle that good medicine must demonstrably generate more good than harm. Where this is not the case, I will say so without attempting to hide the truth.”

Edzard Ernst is a professor emeritus who has for 20 years researched all areas of alternative medicine, with an emphasis on efficacy and safety. At the University of Exeter, he was appointed the world's first professor of complementary medicine. He has published more than 1000 articles in the peer-reviewed literature and several books, including the best-selling Trick or Treatment co-authored by Simon Singh.

Edzard Ernst
Homeopathy. The Undiluted Facts
1st ed. 2016, VIII, 151 p. 27 illus., 18 illus. in color.
Softcover $19.99, €19,99, £14.99 ISBN 978-3-319-43590-9
Also available as an eBook ISBN 978-3-319-43592-3

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