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Chemistry - Theoretical and Computational Chemistry | Aims and Scope: HEC Forum

Aims and Scope: HEC Forum

HEC Forum is an international, peer-reviewed publication featuring original contributions of interest to practicing physicians, nurses, social workers, risk managers, attorneys, ethicists, and other HEC committee members. Contributions are welcomed from any pertinent source, but the text should be written to be appreciated by HEC members and lay readers. HEC Forum publishes essays, research papers, and features the following sections:

Essays on Substantive Bioethical/Health Law Issues
Analyses of Procedural or Operational Committee Issues
Document Exchange
Special Articles
International Perspectives
Mt./St. Anonymous: Cases and Institutional Policies
Point/Counterpoint Argumentation
Case Reviews, Analyses, and Resolutions
Chairperson's Section
`Tough Spot'
Critical Annotations
Health Law Alert
Network News
Letters to the Editors