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Chemistry - Physical Chemistry | Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry - incl. option to publish open access (Press)

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Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry

Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry

An International Forum for Thermal Studies

Editor-in-Chief: I.M. Szilágyi

ISSN: 1388-6150 (print version)
ISSN: 1588-2926 (electronic version)

Journal no. 10973

Meet the Editor-in-Chief, Imre Miklós SZILÁGYI

CI_Image_A40191_Imre Miklós SZILÁGYI_153x210px
Date and place of birth: 1979, Szeged, Hungary
Present position and address: Research fellow; Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME), Department of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry, MTA-BME Technical Analytical Chemistry Research Group, H-1111 Budapest, Szt. Gellért tér 4., Hungary
Email / Website: imre.szilagyi@mail.bme.hu / www.iaachem.bme.hu
ResearcherID / ORCID: E-8325-2010 / 0000-0002-5938-8543
Education and scientific degrees:
- PhD in chemistry, BME (2009, summa cum laude)
- MSc in chemical engineering, BME (2004, honours)
- Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Department of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry, MTA-BME Technical Analytical Chemistry Research Group (2012-2017) and MTA-BME Materials Structure Modeling Research Group (2007-2011)
- Laboratory of Inorganic Chemistry, University of Helsinki, Finland (2010-2012)
Main fields of interest: thermal analysis, inorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry, materials science, nanotechnology, phase transitions, atomic layer deposition (ALD), photocatalysis, catalysis, gas sensing, electrochromism, semiconductor oxides, carbon nanostructures, nanocomposites, bionanocomposites, complexes, nanofibers-particles-sheets
Relevant categories in thermal analyses: fields (inorganic, materials, nano); methods (DSC, TG/DTA-MS, TG-FTIR, SEM-EDX, TEM-ED, UV-Vis, Raman, FTIR, XPS, PL, SERS)
Awards and acknowledgments:
- PerkinElmer-ICTAC Young Scientist Award (2008)
- E-MRS Graduate Student Award (2009)
- Career Profile interview in the journal Science (2009, ScienceCareers)
- Scopus Young Researcher Award Main prize (2008)
- Scopus Young Researcher Award in Chemistry (2008)
- Meisel Tibor prize (2004)
- Pro Patria et Scientia I. prize (2008)
- Deák Ferenc Scholarship (2008-2009)
- Innovative PhD Award in memory of Dr. Tibor Máthé (2009)
- Young Scientist Awards of the Visegrad Academies (2010) and of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (2010)
- János Bolyai Fellowship (2011-2014; 2015-2018)
- CEEC-TAC Grant for Young Researchers & Students (2011)
- Marie Curie Success Story from a EU Marie Curie Intra-European Fellowship (2010-2012)
Professional activities:
- Editor-in-chief (2017-), Deputy Editor-in-Chief (2014-2016), Editor (2012-2013) of the Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry
- Vice president of the Thermoanalytical Group of the Hungarian Chemical Society (2011-2015)
- Chair of the JTACC-V4 conference (2017)
- Member of the scientific committees of the 14th ICTAC (2008) and 2nd CEEC-TAC conferences (2013)
- Member of the Hungarian Chemical Society, ICTAC, ESTAC, E-MRS
Publication record: papers (58 journal paper, 8 proceedings), books (1 book, 2 book chapter), patents (1), total citations/independent citations (540/914), h-index (17), sum of impact factors (104.567)
Equipments: DSC, TG, TG/DTA, TG-FTIR, TG/DTA-MS (TA Instruments), high temperature XRD (PANanalytical), hot stage microscope

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    Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry is a fully peer reviewed journal publishing high quality papers covering all aspects of thermal analysis, calorimetry, and experimental thermodynamics. The journal publishes regular and special issues in twelve issues every year. The following types of papers are published: Original Research Papers, Short Communications, Reviews, Modern Instruments, Events and Book reviews.

    The subjects covered are: thermogravimetry, derivative thermogravimetry, differential thermal analysis, thermodilatometry, differential scanning calorimetry of all types, non-scanning calorimetry of all types, thermometry, evolved gas analysis, thermomechanical analysis, emanation thermal analysis, thermal conductivity, multiple techniques, and miscellaneous thermal methods (including the combination of the thermal method with various instrumental techniques), theory and instrumentation for thermal analysis and calorimetry.

    Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry is published by Springer Science & Business Media in cooperation with Akadémiai Kiadó.

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