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The Textbook Journal of Chemistry

Editor-in-Chief: Fritz Scholz

ISSN: 2199-3793 (electronic version)

Journal no. 40828

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What scientists say about ChemTexts

Introducing here are some of the comments the journal receives from scientists worldwide.

"When I saw the first flier for the ChemTexts Journal I was very excited by the prospect of a journal that would make review/lecture articles available to students that were specially written for them - and I guess their teachers."
Steve Leharne (Faculty of Science and Engineering, University of Greenwich, Pembroke, UK)
“I have been very supportive of the idea of ChemTexts since the first time I heard of the endeavor and I do what I can to spread the word about the journal. It is a fantastic approach to either update a topic or add new needed topics to currently available educational sources and, as such, really fills a need within chemistry education. “
Seth Rasmussen (Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, North Dakota State University, Fargo (ND), USA)
"When I learned about the online journal ChemTexts, I was immediately convinced that this is the right approach in a time ruled by the internet. Ever since I propagate this outstanding journal to my colleagues and encourage them to send in attractive publications, based on their area of expertise."
Hans-Joachim Lunk, Towanda (PA), USA
“I am very impressed with the idea of this new publication medium. In my opinion, this is a timely development for textbooks in our rapidly changing world.”
Snorri Th. Sigurdsson (Department of Chemistry, Science Institute, University of Iceland, Reykjavik, Iceland)
“ChemTexts […] is a really great. innovation in science publishing”
Lars Duelund (MEMPHYS, University of Southern Denmark, Odense, Denmark)
“This is an exciting publishing venture.”
John Sutherland (MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge, United Kingdom)
"We are encouraged and excited by the opportunity ChemTexts presents. We think it will provide a great service to the chemical community.“
Gerrick Lindberg (Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff (AZ),USA) and Joseph Baker (Department of Chemistry, The College of New Jersey, Ewing (NJ), USA)

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For authors and editors

  • Aims and Scope

    Aims and Scope


    “ChemTexts” is an online journal that publishes peer-reviewed texts for academic education in chemistry and biochemistry. The principal aim of the journal is to impart contemporary knowledge to students at an exceptionally high didactic level. Typically, each text consists of a self-consistent treatment of a topic which could be part of a textbook. Beyond informative illustrations, the texts may also include supplementary material such as animated presentations or videos.
    “ChemTexts” may be used by students for learning, by lecturers for teaching, or by researchers and professionals as a recap of essential knowledge. The preferred style is that of leading textbooks. The pedagogical level of the journal is primarily at the bachelor and master level, but material at the graduate level is also considered.
    “ChemTexts” embraces all the traditional areas of chemistry, such as organic, inorganic, and physical chemistry, plus analytical chemistry, technical chemistry, environmental and food chemistry, theoretical and computational chemistry, biochemistry and chemical biology. It also welcomes material in the emergent new areas of nanotechnology, energy and security.
    “ChemTexts” introduces a completely new concept in scientific publishing: the provision of texts for educational purposes that mirror the current state of knowledge. Unlike many textbooks, the chapters are carefully peer-reviewed to guarantee scientific correctness. Only those texts are published which represent genuine improvements over existing textbook material.
    If authors provide a translation of their English text in their native language, then Springer will also make that translation available as supplementary material.
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  • Instructions for Authors

    Instructions for Authors


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