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Aims and Scope: Journal of Transportation Security

The events of 9/11 and beyond have compelled stakeholders to look at transport security as much more than merely another element of the global networks that move people and goods. An activity that was previously viewed as a routine component of modern transportation is now seen as both a vital necesity and a  national priority. Across a wide spectrum, transportation security is playing a leading role in determining how both the present and future will look.

Remarkably, no single clearinghouse of research and analysis on this important topic has arisen. Transportation security lies at the core of many important areas of study, including supply chain and logistics; information technology; public policy; international business; political science; engineering; transportation; economics; and counterterrorism, among others. This journal will be the first to take a global, apolitical, and in-depth multidisciplinary look at the field.

The mission of the journal will be to disseminate new research, thought, and analysis for teachers, researchers, policy makers and practitioners around the world who view transportation security as a critical element in the post 9/11 world.

Officially cited as: J Transp Secur