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Journal of International Business Studies
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Journal of International Business Studies

Editor-in-Chief: Alain Verbeke
Managing Editor: Anne Hoekman

ISSN: 0047-2506 (print version)
ISSN: 1478-6990 (electronic version)

Journal no. 41267

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About the Journal of International Business Studies Decade Award 

The practice of issuing an annual Journal of International Business Studies (JIBS) Decade Award was initiated at the 1996 Annual Conference of the Academy of International Business (AIB). The Executive Board of the AIB endorses the award.
The award is designed to recognise the most influential paper published in the Journal of International Business Studies volume one decade prior and is presented at the AIB Annual Conference. One measure of influence is the degree to which candidate articles have been cited in the ten years following their publication. In order to be considered for this award, a paper must be included among the five most cited papers published in the JIBS Volume of that year.
The Selection Committee includes the current and previous AIB Program Chairs, a chair chosen by the JIBS Editor-in-Chief, and the JIBS Editor-in-Chief (ex officio).
A special session is held at the Annual Conference, during which the winner makes a retrospective presentation of their work, as well as some comments on where the field has progressed and where it should go next.

2017 JIBS Decade Award winner 

Please join us in congratulating Peter J Buckley, L Jeremy Clegg, Adam R Cross, Xin Liu, Hinrich Voss and Ping Zheng as the winners of the 2017 JIBS Decade Award for their article "The determinants of Chinese outward foreign direct investment".
The JIBS Decade Award, sponsored by Palgrave Macmillan publishers, is designed to recognize the most influential article published in JIBS 10 years ago.

Past winners 

The following is a list of all the JIBS Decade Award winning articles, listed by year of original publication.*
*The JIBS Decade Award winning articles from the 1986 volume to the present were selected 10 years after the original publication date of the article. The award winners for the 1970 through 1985 volumes were selected by the JIBS Editors as part of the JIBS 40th Anniversary celebrations in 2009.

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    Aims and Scope


    The top-ranked journal in the field of international business, Journal of International Business Studies (JIBS) is multidisciplinary in scope and interdisciplinary in content and methodology, publishing content from across the the six sub-domains of international business studies:

    (1) the activities, strategies, structures and decision-making processes of multinational enterprises; (2) interactions between multinational enterprises and other actors, organizations, institutions, and markets; (3) the cross-border activities of firms (e.g., intrafirm trade, finance, investment, technology transfers, offshore services); (4) how the international environment (e.g., cultural, economic, legal, political) affects the activities, strategies, structures and decision-making processes of firms; (5) the international dimensions of organizational forms (e.g., strategic alliances, mergers and acquisitions) and activities (e.g., entrepreneurship, knowledge-based competition, corporate governance); and (6) cross-country comparative studies of businesses, business processes and organizational behavior in different countries and environments.

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