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Journal of Revenue and Pricing Management
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Journal of Revenue and Pricing Management

Editor: Ian Yeoman

ISSN: 1476-6930 (print version)
ISSN: 1477-657X (electronic version)

Journal no. 41272

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  • Aims and Scope

    Aims and Scope


    The Journal of Revenue and Pricing Management serves the community of researchers and practitioners dedicated to improving understanding through insight and real life situations. Each article emphasizes meaningful answers to problems whether cutting edge science or real solutions. The journal places an emphasis disseminating the best articles from the best minds and benchmarked businesses within the field of Revenue Management and Pricing.

    Revenue management (RM), also known as Yield Management (YM), is a management activity that marries the diverse disciplines of operations research/management science, analytics, economics, human resource management, software development, marketing, economics, e-commerce, consumer behaviour and consulting to manage demand for a firm's products or services with the goal of profit maximisation. From a practitioner standpoint, RM encompasses a range of activities related to demand management, including pricing, segmentation, capacity and inventory allocation, demand modelling and business process management.

    Journal of Revenue and Pricing Management aims to:

    • formulate and disseminate a body of knowledge called 'RM and pricing' to practitioners, educators, researchers and students;
    • provide an international forum for a wide range of practical, theoretical and applied research in the fields of RM and pricing;
    • represent a multi-disciplinary set of views on key and emerging issues in RM and pricing;
    • include a cross-section of methodologies and viewpoints on research, including quantitative and qualitative approaches, case studies, and empirical and theoretical studies;
    • encourage greater understanding and linkage between the fields of study related to revenue management and pricing;
    • to publish new and original ideas on research, policy and management
    • encourage and engage with professional communities to adopt the Journal as the place of knowledge excellence i.e., INFORMS Revenue Management & Pricing section, AGIFORS and Revenue Management Society and Revenue Management and Pricing International Ltd.

    Published six times a year, Journal of Revenue and Pricing Management publishes a wide range of peer-reviewed practice papers, research articles and professional briefings written by industry experts - including:

    • Practice papers - addressing the issues facing practitioners in industry and consultancy
    • Applied research papers - from leading institutions on all areas of research of interest to practitioners, and the implications for practice
    • Case studies - focusing on the real-life challenges and problems faced by major corporations, how they were approached, and what was learned
    • Models and theories - practical models and theories which are being used in revenue management
    • Thoughts - assessment of the key issues, new trends and future ideas by leading experts and practitioners
    • Apprentice - the publication of tomorrows ideas by students of today
    • Book/conference reviews - reviewing leading conferences and major new books on RM and pricing

    The Journal is essential reading for senior professionals in private and public sector organisations and academic observers in universities and business schools - including:

    • Pricing Analysts
    • Revenue Managers
    • Heads of Revenue Management
    • Heads of Yield Management
    • Directors of Pricing
    • Heads of Marketing
    • Chief Operating Officers
    • Commercial Directors
    • Directors of Sales
    • Directors of Operations
    • Heads of Research
    • Pricing Consultants
    • Professors
    • Lecturers
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