SpringerReference provides access to living editions of reference works, across STM, humanities and the social sciences, continuously updated through a dynamic, peer-review publishing process.

Benefits of SpringerReference:

  • Access to live reference works across every subject on SpringerLink
  • A world-class collection of scientific reference materials
  • Unique content will grow as updates & new reference work entries are added
  • almost 450 Springer References, 463,000+ individual reference work entries
  • High quality images
  • Over 6,000 updates each year

Living References

Top quality, peer-reviewed reference works updated at the pace of scientific discovery. 

Through SpringerLink, researchers can access the complete library of Springer reference works that remain unchanged. In addition SpringerReference delivers access to all the latest, living editions of our reference works, with constant updates as scientific developments warrant. And like all Springer content, the SpringerReference resources are instantly accessible through SpringerLink with seamless search and navigation tools for easy discovery.

Benefits for Librarians

  • Online First publishing means that reference works in SpringerReference database will be available well in advance of print or static reference content.
  • Researchers can submit updates to topic entries for peer-review and publishing on the site.
  • Library and user training.

Benefits for researchers

  • A world-class collection of major reference works, dynamically updated and peer reviewed by leading scientists.
  • All entries citable by DOI, including updated material
  • The critical content that researchers need. Superior breadth and depth of reference works.
  • Complete access to all the latest living reference works across every subject.
  • An online community of scientific research. Researchers can contribute to the publication of leading edge research.

Peer-review process

Authors have two methods of adding content:

  • Upload file: An author works on his article offline and uploads the entire document at once
  • Online editing: An author works on the article, online and is immediately submitted for review.

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