Editorial Contacts in the US (Engineering)

  • P_Charles-Glaser.jpg

    Charles Glaser

    Editorial Director
    Electrical and Computer Engineering; Circuits and Systems; Design Automation; Embedded Systems; Computer Architecture

    Springer New York
    Tel.: +1(781) 5354719

  • P_A32505_mary_james_128x171px

    Mary E. James

    Senior Editor
    Communications Engineering, Signal Processing (including Image, Speech, and Acoustical Processing), Wireless Sensor Networks, Mobile Communications, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence

    Springer New York
    Tel.: +1 (212) 460 1687

  • Anita Lekhwani

    Anita Lekhwani

    Senior Publishing Editor
    Materials Science & Engineering

    Tel.: +1 212 620 8070

  • Michael Luby

    Michael Luby

    Senior Publishing Editor
    Mechanics, Materials Science, Renewable Energy, Sustainable Engineering & Design, Biomechanics/Bioengineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering

    Springer New York
    Tel.: +1 212 257 5215