Editorial Contacts in Europe (Computer Science)

  • Helen Desmond

    Helen Desmond

    Editor, Books
    Human-Computer Interaction, Haptics, Cultural Computing, Cultural Heritage. Personalization, User Modeling, Computer Games, Digital Preservation, Visualization

    Springer London
    Tel.: +44 (0)20 3192 2779

  • Ralf Gerstner

    Ralf Gerstner

    Executive Editor - Books
    Information Systems, Databases, Information Retrieval, Digital Libraries, Web Technologies, Software Engineering and Programming Languages and Techniques, Proposals for LNBIP volumes

    Springer Heidelberg
    Tel.: +49-6221-487-8144

  • AminMobasheri

    Amin Mobasheri

    Computer Science – CCIS and LNICST supervisor.

    Springer Heidelberg
    Tel.: +49-6221-487-8147

  • image1

    Rachel Moriarty

    Senior Editor, Journals
    Computer Science – Artificial Intelligence, Automated Reasoning, Computer Graphics, General Computing and Systems, Human Computer Interaction, Image Processing, Information Retrieval, Intelligent Environments, Neural Computing and Processing, Software Engineering and Virtual Reality.

    Springer London
    Tel.: +44 (0) 2031 922776

  • Ronan Nugent

    Ronan Nugent

    Executive Editor
    Textbooks and Monographs in Theoretical Computer Science, Cryptography, Information Security, Principles of Programming, Artificial Intelligence, Computational Intelligence, Bioinspired Computing

    Springer Heidelberg
    Tel.: +49-6221-487-8538

  • Wayne Wheeler

    Wayne Wheeler

    Senior Editor, Computer Science (Books)
    Computer Science - Proposals for textbooks, monographs and professional books in these subdisciplines: Theoretical Computer Science, Information Security and Cryptography, Simulation and Modelling, and History and Philosophy of Computing

    Springer London
    Tel.: +44 (0) 2031 922778