Prices and Terms for Booksellers

FAQ © aydinynr, iStockWarehouse Move in Europe

Centraal Bookhuis will take over both the warehousing and the worldwide delivery of our books on January 1, 2021.

Read the FAQs for further details on the warehouse move.

Returns Policy

Springer Nature recognizes return claims that are sufficiently documented and requested in a timely manner. Each customer may negotiate and request special terms in special circumstances. Different terms must be documented in writing. Terms may vary from country to country. Our general Returns Policy for most European, Asian, and African general bookseller accounts are posted here.

Download our returns policy (status: Jan 2021).

Bulk & eBulk

We are offering discounted Bulks & eBulks from the purchase of 10 copies of the same title. Find more information here.


Downloads for Trade Customers

Account Opening Form:  English | German

Terms & Conditions: Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, Oceania and Australia (Oct 2018)

General Terms & Conditions: English | German

Modification of Conditions: English

Returns Policy: English