Wayne Wheeler

Wayne Wheeler

Senior Editor, Computer Science (Books)
Computer Science - Proposals for textbooks (all topics and levels), as well as monographs and professional books in these subdisciplines: Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, Imaging, Simulation and Modelling, Bioinformatics, and History and Philosophy of Computing

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My primary charge is to locate and engage first-rate authors and editors to develop monographs, textbooks and supplementary texts, and professional references for researchers, advanced students (also undergraduates, to some extent), and professionals in the areas of:

·         Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition (including Biometrics)

·         Imaging

·         Modelling & Simulation

·         Bioinformatics & Computational Biology

·         History of Computing, Philosophy of Computing, general Computer Science topics

I bring to prospective authors and editors more than 20 years of editorial experience in publishing science and technology, with more specific coverage at the nexus of computing, information science, and engineering. I attend numerous conferences annually in these areas and can arrange appointments to answer queries. I have worked in Springer's Boston (U.S.) and U.K. offices for 20+ years and have strong familiarity with North American, European, and, increasingly, Indian and Asian markets.

If you have project proposals to discuss or questions about working with Springer to develop quality computing-related books, I would be very pleased to hear from you. (I have provided a proposal-guidelines link).

Easy Guidelines for Your Project Proposals (doc, 34 kB)

Book Series managed:

  • Advances in Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition
  • Texts in Computer Science [longstanding, dedicated textbook series, all levels]
  • Undergraduate Topics in Computer Science [modular, dedicated textbook series, undergraduate]
  • Simulation Foundations, Methods and Applications
  • Computational Biology
  • History of Computing
  • SpringerBriefs in the History of Computing