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MySpringer makes it easy for you to track the progress of your book through the publication process, download your free eBook and purchase other books at a discounted rate. 

Login and registration

Your MySpringer profile is linked to your email address. We recommend you use only one email address for all Springer publications. This will ensure that sure that you can seamlessly download your free eBook from your MySpringer profile. You will be registered for MySpringer during the publication process and can login here or on the blue box at left.

Your MySpringer profile also offers direct access to your author discount, your journal articles or any books to which you have contributed.

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Merging accounts

If you are registered with and have more than one profile with different email addresses, we unfortunately cannot combine these publishing profiles into one account. You can find a complete list of all your publications on our content platform SpringerLink by entering your name in the search field.

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