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Birkhäuser-Grätzer Prize

The Birkhäuser-Grätzer Prize celebrates:
• The publication of the two volumes of:
Lattice Theory: Special Topics and Applications (Volume 1)
Lattice Theory: Special Topics and Applications (Volume 2)
(G. Grätzer and F. Wehrung eds.) Springer Basel (Birkhäuser), 2014-2016.
• The 75th issue of the journal Algebra Universalis founded by Grätzer in 1971
• Grätzer's 80th birthday.
The prize of $6,000 was awarded for the best research article on any of the topics in Grätzer's chapters in the first volume of Special Topics:
• planar semimodular lattices
• sectionally complemented lattices
• complete congruence lattices
• the order of principal congruences
The winner of the prize is Gábor Czédli (Bolyai Institute, University of Szeged), for his article on the third topic:
“Complete congruence lattices of two related modular lattices”
This paper outlines in detail the background for this problem, for more detail, see my Chapter 10 in the first volume of Special Topics.
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