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Leonhard Euler, Opera omnia

Leonhard Euler
Editorial Board of Series I–III:
H.-C. Im Hof (Chief Editor)
Th. Steiner
International Editorial Board of Series IV:
A. Kleinert (Chief Editor)
V. Hug / M. Mattmüller / G.K. Mikhajlov / F. Nagel / N. Schappacher / Th. Steiner
Euler‘s papers and books are fundamental to every branch of the mathematical sciences. The edition of the series I, II and III is limited, for the most part, to republication of works that Euler himself prepared for press. The texts are reprinted in the original language, most frequently French or Latin. The fourth series (Series IVA) is devoted to Euler’s correspondence; here, along with the texts of the letters in the original language, translations into the “editing language” of each volume have been added.

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Comprehensive Index of Leonhard Euler´s Opera Omnia 

The Euler Archive eulerarchive.maa.org offers a digital index and a convenient search functionality on their website.

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