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Featured Books

Annick Horiuchi

Japanese Mathematics in the Edo Period (1600-1868)

The book presents the main features of the Wasan tradition, which is the indigenous mathematics that developed in Japan during the Edo period. (1600-1868). It begins with a description of the first mathematical textbooks published in the 17th century, ... More

Ad Meskens

Travelling Mathematics - The Fate of Diophantos' Arithmetic

This book offers a comprehensive study of Diophantos’ Arithmetika, a unique book within the known Greek mathematical corpus whose author, Diophantos, is an enigmatic figure. It details the structure, contents and mathematics of the Arithmetika. ... More

Featured Book Series

The Euler Edition

Euler’s papers and books are fundamental to every branch of the mathematical sciences. They are clearly and beautifully written, well explained and illustrated by examples. The Opera omnia belong in any major working library ... ... More

The Bernoulli Edition

The Bernoulli Edition presents a critical, fully annotated edition of the collected works and correspondence of these authors. It includes their scientific publications, the most important of those texts which exist only in manuscript form. ... More

Featured Journals

Architecture & Mathematics

Founded in 1999, the Nexus Network Journal (NNJ) is a peer-reviewed journal for researchers, professionals and students engaged in the study of the application of mathematical principles to architectural design. Its goal is to present the broadest possible ... More


NTM Journal of the History of Science, Technology and Medicine is the largest and most comprehensive journal for history of science in the German-speaking world. It appears four times a year, each issue containing a mix of articles ... More

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