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The Natural Science Publishing Program 

Since publishing its very first academic papers at the beginning of the 20th century Springer Nature Switzerland AG (formerly Birkhäuser Verlag AG) has gained a reputation for quality publications in the sciences. Springer Nature Switzerland AG publishes books and journals in the fields of mathematics - pure and applied, history of science, geosciences, computer science (all in the Birkhäuser product line), and life sciences (in the Springer product line).
Most of our publications appear in English, while selected textbooks or publications specifically for Switzerland or in cooperation with institutions are published in German and French. The spectrum of products encompasses monographs, textbooks, methodology books, reference works, biographies, multi-authored volumes, conference proceedings, and academic journals.
In mathematics we currently have 26 active international book series and 29 academic journals in the Birkhäuser product line. This includes interdisciplinary publications in fields such as mathematical physics, mathematical biology, mathematical statistics, and engineering. In close cooperation with editorial colleagues in New York about 100 new books are published annually. As a complement to this segment Springer Nature Switzerland AG also offers publications in history of science, focusing in particular on the history of mathematics and physics where the publication of the complete works of Leonhard Euler and the Bernoulli family are of great importance.
In geosciences, our focus is on journals, in particular in cooperation with Swiss societies. Biomedicine, especially inflammation research, biochemistry, cell and molecular biology, and pharmacology form the focal points of our life science program. Alongside 10 renowned journals including Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences (CMLS) and Inflammation Research (IR), Springer International Publishing Life Sciences has 6 active book series and publishes up to 25 new books each year.