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Biomedical Sciences - Pharmacology & Toxicology | Aims and Scope: Drugs & Therapy Perspectives

Aims and Scope: Drugs & Therapy Perspectives

Drugs & Therapy Perspectives provides concise, authoritative review articles to aid drug formulary and prescribing decisions. It is a digest of the latest drug knowledge covering the most important aspects of clinical therapeutics, including:

  • Questions and answers on the clinical use of drugs.
  • Comparisons of the features of various drugs, using differential feature tables.
  • Current thinking on disease management.
  • Step-by-step clinical decision-making, illustrated with patient care algorithms.
  • First reports of serious adverse drug reactions.
  • Clinically useful pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics.
  • Developments in pharmacoeconomics and other research that have a bearing on clinical practice
  • Original research articles focusing on the use of drugs in clinical practice.

Articles published in Drugs & Therapy Perspectives may be accompanied by plain language summaries, to assist patients, caregivers and others in understanding important medical advances.

All material is prepared by Adis editors and medical writers, unless otherwise noted. The preparation of material by Adis employees is not supported by any external funding. All review and original research articles are subject to peer review by members of the journal's international editorial board and/or other experts.