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Journal of Genetic Counseling

Journal of Genetic Counseling

The official Journal of the National Society of Genetic Counselors

Editor-in-Chief: Christina Palmer

ISSN: 1059-7700 (print version)
ISSN: 1573-3599 (electronic version)

Journal no. 10897

Journal of Genetic Counseling Best Trainee Paper Award

To recognize and promote excellence in research and scholarship in our recent trainees, the Journal of Genetic Counseling is pleased to announce the Best Trainee Paper Award. Each year, up to two awards will be given to outstanding papers authored by a current or former trainee on her/his research conducted as a trainee. The trainee must be the first author and the paper has to be submitted within 3 years of completion of training and accepted for publication in the Journal in the preceding year. One award is open to any paper by a current or former trainee meeting the above criteria. The second award is reserved for a paper based on work conducted by a trainee while in a US or international genetic counseling training program. Eligible papers are evaluated by a committee convened by the Editorial Board of the Journal and are assessed in the following areas: the relevancy to genetic counseling of the problem/issue addressed by the paper, appropriateness and quality of study design and methods, significance of the paper’s contribution to genetic counseling, novelty, and clarity of presentation. Awardees will be announced at the National Society of Genetic Counselor’s annual business meeting and on the Journal of Genetic Counseling website. A monetary award will be given to each recipient.
Congratulations to this year’s awardees:
Redlinger-Grosse K, McCarthy Veach P, LeRoy BS, Zierhut H: Elaboration of the Reciprocal-Engagement Model of genetic counseling practice: A qualitative investigation of goals and strategies. Journal of Genetic Counseling 2017;26:1372-1387
Christian S, Atallah J, Clegg R, Giuffre M, Huculak C, Dzwiniel T, Parboosingh J, Taylor S, Somerville M: Uptake of predictive genetic testing and cardiac evaluation for children at risk for an inherited arrhythmia or cardiomyopathy. Journal of Genetic Counseling 2018;27:124-130.
Genetic Counseling Trainee Only Category
Chen A, McCarthy Veach P, Schoonveld C, Zierhut H: Seekers, finders, settlers, and stumblers: Identifying the career paths of males in the genetic counseling profession. Journal of Genetic Counseling 2017;26:948-962.
Kamara D, Weil J, Youngblom J, Guerra C, Joseph G: Cancer counseling of low-income limited English proficient Latina women using medical interpreters: Implications for shared decision-making. Journal of Genetic Counseling 2018;27:155-168.
Past awardees
S.R. Williams, K.L. Berrier, K. Redlinger-Grosse, J.G. Edwards (2017) Reciprocal Relationships: The Genetic Counselor-Patient Relationship Following a Life-Limiting Prenatal Diagnosis. Journal of Genetic Counseling, 26(2), 337:354.
C. Rung Elsas, E. Langfelder Schwind, L. Hercher, M. J. Smith, K. Gardner Young (2017) Attitudes Toward Discussing Approved and Investigational Treatments for Cystic Fibrosis in Prenatal Genetic Counseling Practice. Journal of Genetic Counseling, 26(1), 63-71.

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