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Payment of Royalties via subright sales 

Earnings derived from subrights licensing or translations will be added to the author’s royalty payments, which is made once a year.

How do I receive royalties 

Royalty payments are made once a year at the end of April. Both statements and cheques are mailed out of our office in Secaucus New Jersey. International mail may take from two to three weeks to be delivered . This is why we highly encourage all our authors to provide us with their banking information and e-mail address so that we can make the royalty reporting process electronic and paperless. You may enquire about getting set up for electronic delivery by contacting the US royalty group.

Declaration of status 

The Internal Revenue Service requires that we have declaration of status on file for anyone who is or will be receiving payments from Springer. The type of form to be filled out depends on the country of citizenship. Below are the names and description of the forms that we require. All the forms can be obtained at the following link:

US Authors

W9 , this form is to be completed and signed by all US nationals, and US permanent residents. (individuals and companies) This form represents a declaration of US citizenship/permanent residence. At the end of the tax year all authors who fall under this category will receive a 10-99 Misc form listing all payment made during the corresponding tax year.

Tax Witholding  

US authors and permanent US residents

As long as we have a completed W9 form, there will be no tax withholding on any royalty payments.

Non US Authors

The Internal Revenue Service requires that we withhold 30% of all royalty earnings for all foreign nationals except as provided below:
Some countries have established tax treaties with the US, which benefits its citizens by lowering the amount of tax withheld by the US taxing authority. The way to take advantage for this is by obtaining an individual tax identification number from the US internal revenue service. This document is valid for life, and can be used with other companies from which our authors may also be receiving payment. For more information please go to IRS.gov and type ITIN in the search term. Then click on the top subject Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) you will be prompted to a detailed frequently asked questions section. Once an ITIN is obtained, this must be submitted to our office and we will then apply the appropriate tax withholding rate. *some countries do not have a tax treaty with the US, in this case the rate will remain at 30%

Further Information 

For further information about any aspect of publishing books with Springer, please consult our general Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page or contact our Author Helpdesk.