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Manuscript preparation

To guarantee a smooth publication process, it is important that you ensure the text and figures of your manuscript are complete and final when submitted to us. We will then handle all the typesetting and production processes from that point onwards. To help you, there are a series of templates, guidelines, and reference standards that make submitting your book manuscript quick and easy. These have been developed and refined with our authors over many years and we are confident that you will find them easy to use.

Technical support 

A Microsoft Word document template and LaTeX2e macro packages are available on the Book Manuscript Guidelines page.
If you are not sure about which template or macro package to choose, please contact your Springer editor.

Manuscript length 

The length of the manuscript depends on your agreement with Springer. Please keep to the agreed-upon length.

Preparation of figures 

The published work will directly reflect the quality of the figures provided. Please check our Artwork Instructions for detailed information on how to prepare your illustrations.
Please note that figures that were submitted in color will appear in color online. For the printed book, color figures will in many cases be converted to black and white. Requests for color reproduction in the printed book should be communicated to the publishing editor prior to the submission of the book manuscript.
Prior to typesetting, the technical quality of the figures will be checked. You will be asked to provide better quality figures if the originals are unsuitable for reproduction.

Index preparation 

If the book is to contain an index, the index entries should be submitted with the manuscript. The indexing function in Word and the index command in LaTeX allow you to identify the index terms as you write your text. Please refer to our Book Manuscript Guidelines for further information about selecting and formatting the terms.

Manuscript submission 

Please do not send large files by e-mail. Manuscript files can be submitted on a CD or uploaded to Springer’s FTP server (for the latter please contact your Springer publishing editor for further information).
In addition to the source files for text, figures and tables, Springer requires a PDF file with all the fonts embedded, especially if text or figures contain special characters or unusual fonts. The manuscript package should only contain the final data; delete previous versions.
Please refer to the Author Instructions on our Book Manuscript Guidelines page for further information about the file structure and file naming of you submission.

Book Manuscript Guidelines 

For more information about the formal style, artwork instructions and templates for Springer publications, please refer to our Book Manuscript Guidelines.

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