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Position Yourself as an Expert in Your Area

With the advent of sophisticated search engines and social media platforms, the Internet has become a very powerful marketing tool, particularly for specialized content.
» Blogs, personal websites, forums and social media tools such as Twitter and Facebook have allowed for wider discovery of content and enabled the formation of influential web communities around specialized topics.
» You may want to start with a personal profile page on springer.com that is linked with your Springer publications. Ask your publishing editor about this feature, provide him/her with your details and we will create the profile for you.
Become an active and trusted member!
To effectively spread the news about your research, it will be important to become an active and trusted member of the Internet communities that may be influential in helping to promote your publications. An online profile will establish your online ‘brand’ in the minds of the readers who view your content. So, it is important to make your brand as effective and compelling as it can be.
Stay active!
Once you have established your online presence, it will require only a limited time investment to maintain it. All of these platforms can be interlinked allowing you to easily cascade information from one across many others, significantly widening your reach with a minimum of effort.
Learn more about a number of tools that will help you establish your online profile and credentials. Each of these can be very effective as stand-alone activities, but are most effective when they are linked together and content is replicated across multiple vehicles to reach the largest possible audience.
Don't know how to get started?

Author Central on Amazon.com 

Amazon Author Central
Among other sources, your book will be available via Amazon. Enhance the Amazon pages of your book by using the Author Central functionality which allows you to place your biography, additional information such as images, videos etc.

Further Powerful Internet Communication Tools 


One effective tool is to write a blog covering your area of expertise. A blog provides a forum for you to share your ideas and establish your expertise in the area. A blog can also be linked from a Facebook page or Tweets, providing you with a flow of fresh content for these tools.
For a blog to be impactful, it must be updated regularly, but this does not require you to constantly generate original content. Often, you can simply provide commentary on discussions occurring in other places or on current events and topics in your area of research.

Google Alerts

Google Alerts
A simple way to develop content is to set up ‘Google Alerts’ on your area of research. Google Alerts will generate an email anytime a news item or discussion topic related to those items appears. These updates can then provide the basis for blog entries, tweets, etc.


Try locate the forums in your subject area and begin commenting on the topics being discussed. These forums can generally be found through industry or faculty groups, conference web sites, events and by making connections to your colleagues and peers.
Once you have begun connecting to your peers, start reading and commenting on their blogs. You can also provide links back to your own materials as appropriate.

Further Information 

For further information about any aspect of publishing books with Springer, please consult our general Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page or contact our Author Helpdesk.

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