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Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I contact if I would like to publish with Springer? 

Rights & Permissions 


E-Access via SpringerLink 


Author's complimentary copy 

My book has been published with Springer but I have not received my complimentary copy.

Customer Service will follow up with your editor to ensure that your order is processed properly.

I was told that a complimentary copy of my book was shipped but I have not yet received it.

Customer Service will track the shipment for you.

Can I receive a free ebook? 

Yes, book authors and book editors are entitled to receive perpetual free access to their own book on SpringerLink.
Log in and download your full book or individual chapters.

Ordering Books & Author Discount 

How can I receive my Author’s Discount when placing an order with Springer?

I am a Springer author and did not receive my author’s discount on my invoice.

Please contact us indicating the invoice number of the order that you did not receive your discount on and the title of the book you wrote. A representative will have a credit issued, against your invoice, for the discount you are entitled to and will ensure that your account is set up to receive your Author’s Discount in the future.

When has my order been shipped?

Please send the order confirmation you received when placing the order to Author Helpdesk.

Invoices & Statement of Account 

There is an error on my invoice. How do I get it corrected?

Please contact us with the error noted, and a representative will look into the error, making the corrections where applicable, and will contact you should additional information be needed.

I sent payment and would like to know if it has been applied to my invoice.

Please contact us indicating your account number with Springer and/or the invoice number you have submitted payment for. A representative will look into this for you and will advise you if the invoice has been cleared.

How can I get a copy of my invoice?

Please contact us supplying your invoice number, reference number or full billing and shipping name and address. Customer Service can email, fax or mail a copy to you.

For further information please also refer to our Resources for Book Authors section. 

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Publishing My Book With Springer 

Book Manuscript Preparation 

Rights & Permissions 


E-Access via SpringerLink 


Author's Complimentary Copy 

Ordering Books & Author Discount 

Invoices & Statement of Account 

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