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Most Cited Articles

Published in 2012-2013, as per July 2014 Data from ISI Web of Science.

Multiple populations in globular clusters Lessons learned from the Milky Way globular clusters 

Author(s): Raffaele G. Gratton, Eugenio Carretta, Angela Bragaglia

Clusters of galaxies: observational properties of the diffuse radio emission 

Author(s): Luigina Feretti, Gabriele Giovannini, Federica Govoni, Matteo Murgia

Common envelope evolution: where we stand and how we can move forward 

Author(s): N. Ivanova, S. Justham, X. Chen, et al

Turbulent molecular clouds 

Author(s): Patrick Hennebelle, Edith Falgarone

Cosmological magnetic fields: their generation, evolution and observation 

Author(s): Ruth Durrer, Andrii Neronov

The Milky Way's stellar disk Mapping and modeling the Galactic disk 

Author(s): Hans-Walter Rix, Jo Bovy