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Solar System Research

Solar System Research

Editor-in-Chief: Mikhail Y. Marov

ISSN: 0038-0946 (print version)
ISSN: 1608-3423 (electronic version)

Journal no. 11208

Read Special issues on the Chelyabinsk Meteor

The meteorite crash near the city of Chelyabinsk created a stir when it entered the Earth's atmosphere over Russia on February 15, 2013. Two special issues now include exclusive articles that describe actual data and results of preliminary research of this event from the physical and astronomical as well as geochemical standpoints.

Two Special Issues have just been published in
Solar System Research and Geochemistry International.
They are freely available until the end of 2013!

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    Solar System Research  publishes articles concerning the bodies of the Solar System, i.e., planets and their satellites, asteroids, comets, meteoric substances, and cosmic dust. The articles consider physics, dynamics and composition of these bodies, and techniques of their exploration. The journal addresses the problems of comparative planetology, physics of the planetary atmospheres and interiors, cosmochemistry, as well as planetary plasma environment and heliosphere, specifically those related to solar-planetary interactions. Attention is paid to studies of exoplanets and complex problems of the origin and evolution of planetary systems including the solar system, based on the results of astronomical observations, laboratory studies of meteorites, relevant theoretical approaches and mathematical modeling. Alongside with the original results of experimental and theoretical studies, the journal publishes scientific reviews in the field of planetary exploration, and notes on observational results.

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