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Biotechnology and Personalized Medicine

Personalized Medicine aims to achieve greater customization of healthcare to the needs of each individual patient and covers a broad range of topics from studies adding to the knowledge base of biomarkers for disease risk, disease state, or therapeutic response, to the translation of this molecular knowledge to the clinic, in the form of precision diagnostics and targeted therapies, as well as regulatory and economic issues.
We publish four journals in this area:
  • BioDrugs – covering the development and use of biotechnology-based pharmaceuticals and innovative technologies for the treatment of human disease
  • Biologics in Therapy – our open access journal dedicated to the publication of studies in biological products.
  • Molecular Diagnosis & Therapy – providing insights into the latest molecular diagnostic and pharmacogenomics techniques and their use in personalized medicine.
  • Targeted Oncology – Reviews of new treatments including monoclonal antibodies and small molecules, and insights into the clinical implications of research into new targets for cancer therapy.
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