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Adis content is a must-have resource for anyone involved in clinical drug development, from bench to bedside. Some of our content users include:
  • Clinicians
  • Pharmacists
  • Pharmacologists
  • Lecturers
  • Specialist practitioners
  • Government policy makers
  • Students

How Adis content can help you in your role: 

Time-saving, one-stop reviews of all available evidence
In an era of information overload, review articles in Adis journals are an invaluable, time-saving tool. Often invited from thought leaders in the field, the articles provide a comprehensive, expert summary of existing research, pinpointing the information you need without having to trawl through numerous articles.
Intelligent, actionable information to help you shine in your role
Our aim is not only to disseminate data on drug development and drug evaluation, but to translate this research into clinical practice to support better therapeutic decision-making. For example, a number of our journals provide applied information to help you understand the potential implications of a new drug, technology or treatment in practice. We also offer an Ask the Expert service for our database subscribers and a bespoke intelligence service, all drawing upon our expertise in data analysis.
Stay ahead of the game with our alert tools, newsletters and training
Adis offers a range of free services to keep you informed in this fast moving industry, from webinars to help you get the most from our databases to eNewsletters bringing you updates from specific subject areas. You can read more about these services here.

Customer testimonials:

“Helps me to keep up-to-date, teach better and provide better patient care”
“Great summaries of complex topics”
“Authoritative articles, well researched”
“Reliable source of comprehensive review articles”

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