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About Us

Adis is a well-established and respected global brand and has been publishing high quality research, focusing on translating research into clinical practice, for over 40 years.
The Australasian Drug Information Service (ADIS) was established in New Zealand in the late 1960s and pioneered the introduction of a suite of first-in-class drug review journals.
Adis has maintained a key focus on evaluating new and established drugs, from their performance in clinical trials right through to their place in therapeutic practice.
Acquired by Springer at the end of 2011, Adis now publishes a core portfolio of 24 journals, 2 newsletters and 3 databases in the following subject areas:
We also offer custom competitive intelligence solutions, drawing upon our data and expertise to provide the information and insights needed to answer some of the key questions facing the pharmaceutical industry.
You can see a full list of our products and services here:
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