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SHENG Huanye

SHENG Huanye

Professor of Shanghai Jiao Tong University


Graduated from the Dept of Automatic Control, Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 1965. Studied at the Constance Higher Technical Institute in 1979 as a visiting scholar and at the Constance University in 1983 as senior researcher majoring in natural language processing and multimedia.

Academic Posts 

Huan-ye Sheng was appointed chairman of the departement of Computer Science and Engineering at Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 1984. Sheng had been the vice-president of SJTU from1995 to 2004. Afterward he has been appointed Vice President of University Council of SJTU. He is now the deputy vice Chairman of Shanghai Overseas Returned Scholar Association, Chairman of Alliance for RFID Technology, vice-chairman of the Information Society Shanghai, the standing member of the Shanghai Science Association, honor senator of the Technical University of Berlin, and an overseas member of the German Information Society.
Prof. Sheng has written and published eight books including Computer Graphics and A Dictionary of Chinese Character Information. He has also published over hundred papers and articles, such as Information Condensation of Nested Chinese Character Corpus, Automatic Analysis of the Strokes of Chinese Characters, and One Integrated Graphic Environment.

Research Fields 

Natural Language Processing
Human-Computer Interface
Pervasive Computing
Internet of Things
Data-mining in bioinformatics, finance, logistics and commerce.

Honors & Awards 

Sheng received the Outstanding Teaching Achievement Prize from the National Education Commission in 1989, the honorable title of Advanced Individual in Scientific and Technological Development in 1993 in Shanghai, the third prize of the Scientific and Technological Progress Award in 1995 in Shanghai, and the top prize of the same award in 1996 from the same commission.