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DING Yihui

DING Yihui

Meteorologist and professor / Adviser on Climate Change for China Meteorological Administration / Member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering


1963: Department of Geophysics, Beijing University, majoring in dynamic meteorology.
1967: Postgraduate School of Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS).

Academic Posts 

1967: Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences.
1979: Take part in the First International Experiment of Monsoon, India.
1979 to 1981:Visiting scientist for Colorado State University and University of Hawaii in USA.
1981-1984: Lab. of Tropical Meteorology and Convective Weathers, Institute of Atmospheric Physics, CAS.
1985-1986: Director of National Oceanic Observatory and DeputyDirector of National Oceanic Environmental Forecast Center
1986-1994: Deputy Director of Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences
1995-2000: Director of National Climate Center
1997-2001: Co-chair of IPCC Working GroupⅠ
1995-2003: Member and officer of Joint Scientific Committee (JSC) of World Climate Research Programme (WCRP)
1996-2006: Chairman of Scientific Steering Committee for East Asian Monsoon Research of WMO
1996-present: Member of Advisory Committee of Climatology Commission of WMO
1996-present: Member of Editorial Committee for International Climatology Journal of British Royal Meteorological Society
2006-present: Vice-Chair of National Expert Committee for Climate Change
2005-present: Editor-in-Chief of Springer co-published journal “Acta Meterologica Sinica”

Research Fields 

His main research interests are climate prediction, climate change and monsoon meteorology, in particular seasonal prediction and the East Asian monsoon.

Awards & Honors 

He was a chief scientist in many national key programs in China. He is also a noted scientist in the area of atmospheric sciences over the world, with much contribution to many important international programs and activities.Many achievements and results derived from his studies in dynamic of monsoon, disaster weather and climate change have been extensively referenced in professional papers in China and internationally. He has received following national-level awards:
In 1995, received the 2nd class State Natural Science Prize.
In 2002, received HLHL Science and Technology Progress Prize
In 2003 and 2005 received the 1st class and 2nd State Science and Technology Progress Prize, respectively.
In 2005, received WMO Award for outstanding work in the field of climate prediction, climate change and monsoon climatology