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CHEN Jiaying

CHEN Jiaying

Philosophy of Distinguished Professor, Capital Normal University


1977, Peking University, Department of Foreign Languages, German
1978, Peking University Institute for Foreign Philosophy, Heidegger philosophy
1983- 1990, Penn State's University, Department of Philosophy, Ph.D

Academic position 

1993-2002, Peking University, Department of Philosophy
2002-2008, Shanghai East China Normal University, Department of Philosophy, dean, tenured professor, Zijiang scholar
2008 - present, Capital Normal University, Department of Philosophy, head of foreign philosophical disciplines, Distinguished Professor

Research Field 

Modern Western philosophy, Philosophy of language, Philosophy of Mind, European continental philosophy, Anglo-American analytic philosophy and other infrastructure

Major Academic works 

Introduction to Heidegger Philosophy, 1995, Sanlian Bookshop, Beijing
Linguistic Philosophy, 2003, Peking University Press, Beijing
Philosophy, Science and Common Sense, 2007, Dongfang Press, Beijing
Being and Time, by Martin Heidegger, 2006, Sanlian Bookshop, Beijing
Philosophical Investigations, by L. Wittgenstein, 2005, Shanghai Renmin Press, Shanghai
Linguistics in Philosophy, by Zeno Vendler, 2008, Huaxia Publishing House, Beijing
Sense and Sensibilia, by John Langshaw Austin, 2010, Commercial Press, Beijing
Earth in the Balance, by AL Gore, (jointly), 1997, Central Compilation & Translation Press, Beijing
Great books of the western world (Vol. 1, 2), Encyclopedia Britannica, 2008, Huaxia Press, Beijing