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New York / Berlin, 5 November 2012

Hurricane Sandy Update: Report from New York, Manhattan

5 November 2012 - 4:30hrs EST / 9:30hrs CET

The Spring Street office will be open for business on Monday morning at the usual time. Many thanks to everybody who worked together to get our US colleagues back to work.
While our US locations will quickly return to normal next week, the daily lives of many of our staff remain impacted by the storm. Many people remain without power. Public transportation in the region remains disrupted. It will take extra effort to get to the Spring Street office on Monday.
Nonetheless, it will be good to see all of you and to get on with our business. Special thanks to all of our employees who gave a lot of extra effort to remain in touch with our business (and each other) last week under difficult conditions.

2 November 2012 - 6:15hrs EST / 11:15hrs CET

There is no power in lower Manhattan.
Our New York office at Spring Street remains closed as there is no power and no access to the building.
ConEd says power will be restored on Saturday.
Many employees using Facebook to share info.

1 November 2012 - 9:30hrs EST / 14:30hrs CET

No power in the office at Spring Street and no access to the building.
Best current estimate: power will be restored on Saturday.
The Philadelphia office has internet service and NYC employees who live near Philadelphia can work from there.

1 November 2012 - 5:10hrs EST / 10:10hrs CET

Still no power from roughly 34th Street to the southern tip of Manhattan (including Spring Street).
ConEd now estimates power will be restored in Manhattan on Friday/Saturday.
Spring Street building is closed. No access permitted.
Buses are running. No subways until later today. No subways below 42nd/34th streets for several more days -- flooded tunnels/damage to electrical systems.
Trains from suburbs may start running later today. Some service to Grand Central has resumed.
Bottom line: Spring Street office remains closed on Thursday. Philadelphia and Yardley offices are open.
Ambler did not have power yesterday. Today's status to be confirmed.